3 Best Films Of Prakash Raj



Prakash Raj is an Indian producer, film director, television presenter, and film actor whose work can be found in South Indian movies online. When he began his career as an apprentice of Kalakshetra, Bengaluru, he starred in consecutive shows for a 300 a month. Currently, he has more than 2,000 street theatre plays to his name.

After grinding in the Kannada cinema and television industry for a couple of years, he debuted in Tamil cinema in 1994 through a duet by K. Balachander. His stock continued to rise ever since that he labeled his production company. Duets as a tribute. Most of his films have enjoyed unprecedented success in Bollywood that selecting his top 3 of all time is difficult.

From Telugu, Hindi, and Marathi to Malayalam and Tamil, these films have made Prakash Raj a household name in Indian cinema. He has featured in several roles, prominently as an antagonist and a character actor. In 1998, he got crowned as the best national film supporting actor in Mani Ratnama’sIruvar and scooped another prize in 2009 for his role in Kanchivaram.

As a producer, Puttakkana Highway won him an award in 2011 for the best feature film in Kannada. Below are three of his Best Telugu Films.


Badri is an advertising agency director whose mother and father reside in the USA. His fiancés (Vennela) is close to Badri’s family, and their parents want them to get married. Since Vennela didn’t complete her grads, she and Badri are passing away time.

On one evening, Vennela confesses her love to Badri, but his response is not as sincere as hers. According to her, no other woman would love Badri in the same breath as her, so she challenges him. Badri accepts the challenge head-on, which involves him approaching Nandaa’s sister from the temple. Vennela goes to the United States and leaves Badri to try his luck.


It is a romantic sports action film. Okkadu begins when Ajay , a Hyderabad-based Kabbadi player, makes a tour to Kurnool to participate in a tournament. There, he rescues Swapna Reddy from a violent faction leader, Obul Reddy. The guy is in love with the Swapna and wants them to tie the knot against her will.

Ajay learns that Obul killed Swapna’s brothers, and thats why she wants to flee to the United States to pursue higher education. Ajay embarrasses Obul by throwing him into a mud pond when rescuing Swapna. He refuses to wash off the mud until the girl is located and returned.


For the past for years, a college graduate by the name Ganesh has been following Sandhya, a college girl. Even though Sandhya had warned him against stalking her, Ganesh refused to give up in expressing his love towards her. Peter, Ganesha’s ally, introduces him to Sadhika to try and help him in his quest of luring Sandhya but fails.

On Ganesh’s birthday, he tries to express his love for Sandhya but is caught red-handed by her dad, who is a policeman. Sandhyaa’s dad throws Ganesh behind bars on the grounds of harassment. Ganesh was later bailed out by his father, Raghuvaran

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