3 Easy Ways To Beat the Heat This Summer

3 Easy Ways To Beat the Heat This Summer


Summer is on its way, and that means vacation time, carefree attitudes – and hot, humid weather. If you’re looking for ways to keep cool in this summer’s heat, you’re not alone. Staying cool isn’t just a matter of comfort – it can be a safety issue, too. In fact, studies have shown that heatstroke is one of the most dangerous adverse weather effects in the United States, with groups like children and the elderly being particularly vulnerable. Fortunately, staying cool can be simple! To learn more about the top three easy ways to beat the summer heat, read on.

  1. Stay Hydrated

This is a classic tip, and probably one of the simplest yet most important things you can do for your body when it’s hot outside. Staying hydrated can have a whole host of health benefits, from helping soothe headaches to boosting performance during exercise, but it’s especially important in regulating your body temperature. You don’t have to stick to plain old water, though! Delicious summer drinks like mint tea or even low-sugar lemonade could help you stay cool with a seasonal twist.

  1. Install a Ceiling Fan

If you’re feeling hot inside your own house and the air conditioning just doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, installing a ceiling fan in your room could be the perfect solution. Refresh Fans, for instance, could help you stay cool when the summer heat starts creeping into your home. One tip is to try comparing different fans to find one that’s both high-performing and energy efficient.

  1. Avoid Spicy Foods

We all love a good, spicy dish, but if you’re trying to stay cool this summer, you may want to avoid Grandma’s four-alarm chili. The reason for this is that spicy foods, like peppers, can actually contain chemicals like capsaicin that make your body feel warmer, causing you to start sweating. To avoid this, go for cooling foods, like watermelon, and dishes with a neutral or mildly spicy flavor profile, like potato salad. One perk of these types of foods is they make great summer barbecue side dishes!

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While warmer weather in the summer can have its upsides – hello, beach vacation! – it can also be uncomfortable and, in cases of heatstroke, even dangerous. Luckily, there are a few tried-and-true ways to beat the heat without breaking a sweat! Try these three tips, and you’re sure to stay cool all summer long.

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