3 New Born Baby Care Tips for First-Time Mothers in 2023

First-Time Mothers


First-time parents can find the initial few months with their newborn overwhelming and chaotic. You will receive various contradicting advice from people regarding newborn baby care. So, you can get confused about what advice to follow and what not to. You’ll find that although taking care of your newborn is challenging and exhausting, it is a great experience to have.

If you are a first-time mother, here are 3 tips to look after your baby in 2023.

Vaccinating Your Newborn

Vaccination helps lower the risks of developing a disease by helping the body’s natural defence mechanism to improve and protect against diseases. There is a National Immunisation Schedule or a child vaccination chart according to which every kid must receive certain vaccines in India. So, make sure that your child receives all of them at the right ages as per the chart. Newborns are initially given BCG, OPV and Hep B vaccines. Later, DTP, HIB, Rotavirus and other important vaccines follow.

Feeding Your Newborn

Besides following the child vaccination chart for your baby, you must pay attention to feeding him the right way. You need to feed him every 2-3 hours so you have to nurse him 8-12 times a day. You must feed an infant breast milk only during the first 6 months. Breast milk has major antibodies and nutrients needed for a baby’s growth and survival. Nurse him for a minimum of 10 minutes. Hold your breast near the infant’s lips until he latches on firmly and begins to suck. If the infant has properly latched on, your nipples won’t pain. Your breast would feel less full after your little one is done with feeding. This shows that he has received sufficient milk. If you can’t feed breast milk, you can consider a doctor-recommended formula. The infant must receive 60-90 ml of it per feeding.

Handling Your Newborn

Apart from abiding by the child vaccination chart and feeding your baby properly, you should keep in mind how to handle him correctly. Remember certain things when you play with him. Avoid shaking him since his internal organs are delicate and they can get damaged due to extensive shaking. Don’t throw him up into the air since it can be risky. Always wash or disinfect your hands before handling your little one as his immune system is not completely developed and he is prone to get infected. If you take him out, fasten him securely in a baby carrier, car seat or stroller. Make him lie on his tummy daily for a short period. This will help strengthen the muscles of his back and neck. It will also make his vision better since he will have to look sideways and up to see things.

Follow the above newborn baby care tips and make sure to take your little one to a pediatrician in a reputed children’s hospital for daily checkups and when he falls ill. Early detection of any health problems can allow the doctor to treat them in time.

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