3D Modeling – Here’s What You Need to Know

3D Modeling


The 3D model uses specific software systems to give a virtual presentation to any surface or object. Its most common example includes a three-dimensional model that’s created bysome simple shapes rectangles, cubes or triangles, etc. These shape designs are then transformed into high-polygon, complex designs.

In this article, we will walk you throughthe uses and different types of 3D modelingso that you can step up your game as a beginner in this field. Let’s begin!

3D Modeling Uses

Typically, 3D modeling is used to design prototypes. It makes it much feasible for the designers to express their ideas, and form interactive designs on a surface/object that can represent real-life designs.

Depending on its vast type of applications, sometimes you can also assess the structural feasibility of the 3D design.For instance, the 3D designer can quickly create a little part of any physical object that needs to be designed, and analyze its properties beforehand so that the entire model can be updated accordingly.

The best part of 3D modeling is that companies can always offer their products to clients before presenting the actual outcome. It saves both tons of time and money.

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The Basics of 3D Modeling

As mentioned earlier, polygons are one of the most important aspects of 3D modeling. At a beginner level, you will need to know the most basic terms associated with it. So, here you go.

  • Edge:It is a straight line that helps to join two vertices, and give shape to the 3D model.
  • Polygon:It can be termed as any shape that’s created with straight lines. For example, some of its most common types include: equiangular, regularequilateral, cyclic, irregular, convex, or concave, etc. Its formation totally depends on the extent of the angles, and the number of its sides.
  • Vector:It is a geometric object presented with an arrow. It has a proper width and length.
  • Plane:It’s a two-dimensional surface for 3D modeling that can extend afar.

Low & High Poly

Low-poly models are comparatively much easier to handle.Most of the time, its technique is used in animation,subdivision modeling, and rigging.

One of its major advantages includes flexibility in viewing, loading, and editing.We usually do not get much detail with simpler objects, therefore, the designers can work on them without much hassle.

On the contrary, high-poly models consist of a higher polygon count that means, they provide more details. Because of its intense density, its editing and moving around is not only time-taking but also difficult. Therefore, it should not be a surprise that forming a high-poly model is comparatively more complicated than creating a low-poly model.


Just as the name says, this technique is used to form solid 3D objects. Its major purpose is to ensure that the formation of all 3D objects is on-point. If you compare the other two types, you will come to know that this technique is much more complex, as it requires you to simulate the interior and exterior of the model.

Some of its major uses include designing,animating, and visualizing functional models. Since the very beginning of its formation, the designer is able to predict how is it going to look at the final stage.


It is a mathematical technique for presenting and displaying solid objects of 3D modeling.It works on the external component of 3D models and allows you to assess the products from multiple angles.

However, surface modeling is much easier than solid modeling. Most commonly, it is applied in video games animations, and architectural illustrations.


3D modeling is one of the hottest topics in the designing industry in 2022. Most experts even consider it to be the ultimate art form, and honestly, they aren’t wrong. In the current era, we can find incredible 3D techniques in several high-end businesses, like architecture,jewelry making, entertainment, factory production, etc.

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