5 best supplements for kids

5 best supplements for kids


Every kid goes through a rapid growth period. The growth is related not only to its size but also mental growth. It also starts to develop immunity against a range of pathogens. To ensure that the kid grows properly, every parent must look after their kids’ nutritional requirements. These nutrients are mainly taken through their diet. However, the addition of a few nutrients through supplements can boost their growth without any ill effect on the kid. Some of these supplements are:

Cod liver oil

As the name suggests, the best source for cod liver oil is the fishes, nuts and seafood. Cod liver oil is required for the brain development of the kids. It has several antioxidants in it, which helps the kid to develop immunity. The problem with cod liver oil is the pungent odor. The parents can take the supplement out of the capsule and mix it with some delicious drinks and shakes.


Not all bacteria are bad. There are ‘good bacteria’ that even live in our system. These good bacteria are also known as probiotics, and they help the human body in many ways. They help in digestion, building up immunity, and detecting other incoming pathogens. You can supplement your child’s diet with probiotics.

Vitamin D

For the body’s growth, you need to ensure that your kids develop strong bones. Calcium is required for strong bones, but Vitamin D is required to assimilate and regulate calcium-related pathways in the body. Vitamin D can be supplemented by keeping your kid in the sun, but it is essential to supplement the kid’s food with this vitamin.

Several minerals

The human body needs several minerals in small amounts. These minerals are important in different biological processes. For example, magnesium is required for DNA synthesis. You must ensure that your kids are taking the proper amount of these trace elements like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, etc., so that they remain healthy.

Vitamin A

The body requires vitamin A for different processes. For example, Vitamin A is required for good eyesight. If you want your kid to see properly, you must ensure that your kids take it through their diets. They can have Vitamin A through carrots, spinach and other leafy green vegetables. If your kids still require more Vitamin A, you must give it to them as supplements.

Being a responsible parent, you must ensure that your kid is getting all the nutrients in the right amount. You can get all these supplements in your nearby supplement store. If you can support your kids in their growth period, they will remain healthy for a long time.

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