5 Nerve-Calming Tips When Moving Seniors to Assisted Living Facilities

moving and transition process


As much as the seniors need the care and attention provided in assisted living facilities, the process of moving them can be challenging when not properly handled. Make your loved ones understand the essence of moving to and receiving the care and attention provided in assisted living facilities. But how do you handle the process? Here are the nerve-calming tips to consider.

Allow Them to Choose

Involve the seniors in the process of choosing an assisted living facility they feel suits their needs. When you involve them, you also understand their concerns and the need to make adjustments where necessary. This is crucial as you will prevent them from getting overwhelmed or stressed when moving.

Allow Them to Take Sentimental Belongings

If there are things the senior would love to carry with them, you should allow them. Having beneficial things or those that hold some significance will go a long way into making them settle fast in the assisted living facility. You should, however, contact the facility’s management to understand what they allow in and the limit.

Help Them Control Their Emotions

Once you settle for Assisted living in Bradenton Florida, it is important to prepare the senior emotionally and psychologically. The transition process can be hard and lead to mental health issues if not handled properly. Talk to your loved one and even engage professionals to help them calm down and control their emotions.

Personalize Their Room

Remember, the moving and transition process can take a big toll on the senior. For this reason, you should personalize their room in the assisted living facility to their liking. You should let them take the lead in arranging the room and attend to their needs when they instruct you.

Create a Rapport With the Caregivers

Apart from helping them move into their new residence, help them create rapport with other residents, the caregivers, and other staff members. Familiarity makes them calm and helps them to settle down. You should also explore the facility with them to create familiarity with the environment.

As much as it is the right decision, moving your elderly to an assisted living facility can take a big toll on them. It is important to understand the nerve-calming tips when moving seniors to assisted living facilities and make the process easier.

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