5 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to Teach in Kuwait

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Are you looking for school teaching jobs in Kuwait? We’ve got 5 reasons why it’s awesome to be a teacher in Kuwait.

The weather is great.

The weather in Kuwait is great. The climate in Kuwait is dry and warm most of the year. Even during the summer months, temperatures rarely exceed 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit). However, since the humidity is very low in Kuwait, summers are not unbearable. Also, unlike other countries that have extreme climates throughout different parts of the year (for example, it may snow one month yet be unbearably hot two months later), each season in Kuwait is similar to any other. The climate offers a perfect balance between warmth and comfort all year round.

Kuwait is a very safe country.

Kuwait is a very safe country. Whether you are a woman, a child, an expat, or just someone passing through on vacation, there’s no need to be afraid of living in Kuwait. The crime rate is low and the people are friendly. If you ever find yourself in a situation that makes you feel unsafe, the police are very helpful and will take your case seriously. In general, people of all races and genders are treated well by the authorities in Kuwait and you shouldn’t have to worry about being targeted or picked on because of who you are or how much money you make.

There are lots of travel opportunities nearby.

Kuwait is in a great location for travel: many Middle Eastern countries are just a short flight away. This makes weekend trips to nearby Dubai and Abu Dhabi easy, and you can plan longer trips to Jordan or Egypt. If you’re interested in the history of the region, Turkey offers some amazing historical sites to visit as well. In addition, Kuwait has recently made it easier for tourists from certain countries to obtain visas on arrival at the airport. This makes it even more convenient for your friends and family to visit you.

Base salary is good.

When you take your tax-free salary and compare it to the cost of living in Kuwait, you’ll find that it’s pretty easy to live comfortably, even if you don’t make a ton of money. Compare this to other countries where teachers often make less but are also taxed, or are paid fairly but live in an expensive city. In that case, it might be harder for you to save money or pay off large debts.

As long as you’re not eating out at five-star restaurants every day and racking up credit card debt, it should be easy for you to budget your money each month.

Another thing I really like about Kuwait is how many holidays they give their teachers. For those who work in public schools, the amount of vacation time is fairly comparable to what we get in America. But if you work at a private school (which is most people), then the number of days off each year can easily exceed sixty days. Just think about how great this sounds: getting paid to travel around the world for more than two months each year.

Teaching in Kuwait can lead to higher salaries in the future

Gaining experience by teaching ESL in Kuwait can lead to higher salaries in the future. If you decide to get a new job, you will have more negotiating power after teaching abroad for two or three years. Also, if you want to stay with your current company but want a higher salary, you can use the skills that you learned while teaching abroad to get promoted. This is true even if your company doesn’t have any positions available. Think ahead.

You should come to Kuwait

If you like warmer weather, the general climate in Kuwait is sunny and beautiful, with temperatures averaging a high of 35 degrees Celsius during the summer months. The other major advantage to living in an Arab country is that it’s very safe. Kuwait is one of the safest countries in the world and maintains a low crime rate.

Another benefit of living and working abroad as a teacher is that you’ll have a lot more opportunities to travel than if you stay at home. You could spend your weekends exploring local historical sites or take long-haul trips on holiday breaks. As your base salary will be higher than what you would earn teaching in most public schools at home, this means you can definitely afford it.

Finally, teaching abroad offers many opportunities for career progression. Once your contract ends here, there are usually lots of job openings back home for teachers who have international experience under their belt. Taking on a teaching job abroad could potentially boost your career path significantly.

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