5 Reasons Why Your Houston Pallets For Sale Should Be Recycled And Reused!

Houston pallets for sale


Pallet recycling has become incredibly popular in recent years, because it’s a way for businesses to earn money back from their original investments and keep pallets much longer than in the past. The pallet industry will use terms like recycled, reconditioned, combo or remanufactured to indicate that a used pallet has been re-purposed for continued usage.

There are many cost-effective strategies that help businesses transport their goods and products via wooden pallets, and re-using wood pallets is great for all companies on a budget.


We’ve teamed up with the Houston pallets for sale experts at The Pallet Guys to create this list of five reasons why wood pallets should be recycled and reused, so take it from the experienced industry pros in that the following reasons are why pallet recycling is a great idea for your business!

Maintaining Your Eco-Friendly Commitments

A lot of companies have made commitments to reduce their overall carbon footprint and foster more eco-friendly business practices. These types of commitments are so crucial in today’s age that’s largely controlled by the negative impacts of climate change, and pallet usage is something that every company should take seriously when it comes to the environment.

There’s never any need for pallets to go to landfills these days, because pallet recycling makes it possible for wood pallets to be a zero-emission product. Even if a used pallet can’t be re-purposed into a working pallet, it can still be re-purposed into other useful, wood products like mulch.

So by recycling pallets, a business can strongly maintain eco-friendly commitments, which can be great for marketing strategies!

Recycled Pallets Are Often Very Durable

Most recycled pallet materials have been thoroughly dried within warehouses and other industrial facilities, so with time these materials can actually be drier than new wood.

The drier the wood, the stronger it’ll be in terms of keeping up with a company’s pallet usage requirements. There are even some scenarios in which used pallets are stronger than brand new pallets, so it’s important for business leaders to remember how recycled pallets are often very durable and useful!

Custom Pallet Manufacturing

Custom pallets are any pallets that are manufactured with unique specifications or compatibilities that certain companies need, and this pallet style is often pretty difficult to make using brand new wood.

A lot of custom pallets will be created via used pallet materials, and this also helps businesses save upwards of 25% on their new pallet builds. This is an ideal investment strategy for companies within all sorts of busy industries, including the food and beverage industry.

Great For One-Way Shipping

Recycled pallets that have been repaired are also good options for businesses conducting one-way shipments. At a certain point, it doesn’t make sense to purchase brand new wood pallets if you know you’re only going to use them once.

Recycled pallets of course can also be sued for many different shipments, but used pallets are a cost-saving strategy when you know your pallets won’t be returning to your facilities.

Suitable For International Shipping

This benefit goes hand-in-hand with the above section, because a lot of international shipments are one-way shipments.

Used pallets that have undergone heat treatment are good options for international shipments, because these shipments are always very expensive and businesses need ways to cut back on spending and make these longer shipments more profitable.

Contact The Pallet Guys When You Want To Recycle Your Houston Pallets For Sale!

There are many ways that pallet recycling can benefit your business, and investing in used pallets can save you tons of money and help keep your profit margins as high as possible.

In the end, used pallets are typically a great investment, but you need to make sure you’re getting used pallets from pallet recycling specialists that do a great job with this type of re-purposing. One of the best pallet recycling businesses in Houston is The Pallet Guys, and their team is available by clicking on the hyperlink at the top of this page!

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