5 Signs That Indicate You Need A Sliding Glass Door Repair

Sliding Glass Door Repair


When considering sliding glass door repair Orlando, there are many things to consider and review.

Take into consideration the following points:

Cheap Rollers

High-quality rollers are the key to a sliding glass door’s smooth back-and-forth operation. Sometimes the glass movement slows by becoming jammed. The rollers may deteriorate or have an obstruction such as dirt, grime, small debris or sand particles. Over time, cheap rollers break down because of environmental exposure, which leads to rusting.

So when you clean both sides of your Sliding Security Doors glass panes, it’s important to inspect the rollers periodically for obstructions and potential issues. When you vacuum your room, run the vacuum suction hose over the roller tracks to remove accumulated debris. Should the rollers show chips or cracks, replace them immediately.

Unaligned Doors

It’s essential that the sliding glass door rollers move freely. Even the smallest obstruction of the rollers causes the sliding glass to move back and forth unaligned. An unaligned door will cause the locking mechanism to not lock and unlock properly. Screws that keep the rollers aligned with the tracks often strip and unscrew. It’s fixable with a turn of the screwdriver or replacing them.

When you have unaligned doors, they can’t close and lock properly. If you can’t close and lock your sliding glass door, you’re jeopardizing your family’s safety. An unaligned door might fall out of its track and cause bodily harm to a family member or pet. Something as simple as a quick inspection of your sliding glass door can prevent problems.

Warped Track

Sliding glass door tracks sometimes warp outwards and inwards, causing a jam and even causing the glass pane and frame to leave the track altogether! A warped track can sometimes deform from extreme heat exposure or defective manufacturing.

Fixing warped tracks is easy as a do-it-yourself project, provided you have the correct tools for the job. If you’re not that ambitious, a professional sliding glass door repair person can tackle the job! It’s important to inspect your sliding glass door track. A moment inspecting the track can save you hours or days of discomfort and safety.

Chip, Cracked of Damaged Glass Panes

Over time, sliding glass door panes deteriorate in appearance. They may look chipped, foggy or cracked, resulting from home accidents and environmental exposure. What may appear minor can mushroom into a major problem. A minor crack or chip repair can become a full glass pane replacement. Replacing a complete glass pane is a job for a professional glass repair firm that is knowledgeable and trained for such tasks.

Air Movement and Drafts

Standing next to a properly aligned sliding glass, you should not feel any current, warm or cold draft or air movement. If you feel cold air movement, it’s a sure sign that your sliding glass door is out of alignment. It’s a sign the cool or cold air is entering or exiting your home. The same holds true during the Summer months when the warm outside air is coming in or escaping through the misaligned sliding glass door.

A properly aligned and installed sliding glass door, by a professional will ensure year-round energy savings. An aligned, damage-free sliding glass door will contribute towards savings on your utility bill.

Should you need sliding glass door repair Orlando, always insist on a licensed contractor!

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