5 Things That Easily Devalue Your Home

biggest home staging mistakes


If you are thinking of selling your home and buying or building another one, you have to ensure the house is in great condition to attract buyers. Sometimes, the state of a home can make it hard to sell, making it stay on the market for long or lose its value. Below are five things that can devalue your home.


The location of your home can make its value go down. For instance, a noisy neighborhood near train tracks or an airport is not attractive to buyers. Steven Taylor Los Angeles notes that things like light pollution may also deter a buyer from buying a home. Other things that negatively affect a home include landfill areas and power plants. If you are in a neighborhood popular for criminal activity, not most people will be interested in buying property there. Therefore, the value of your home is likely to suffer.

Poor Presentation

One of the biggest home staging mistakes most people make is poor presentation. This is because it can turn off potential buyers. Make sure you are presenting your home in the best way possible. Declutter, remove personal items, and make sure the house is clean. Most importantly, if any renovations are undertaken, ensure they are completed on time. Apart from consulting with a realtor, it might be a good idea to talk to a home stylist as well. They can help stage you in the right way, ensuring it is attractive and presentable.

Poor Condition and Visible Damage

It will help if you put some effort into renovating your home. Faulty doors, worn-out paint, broken cabinets, and any other visible damage will reduce the value of your home despite its location. Steven Taylor LA insists that one crucial factor to buyers is the condition of the property. Most homebuyers prefer a house already in good condition as they do not want to spend tons of money on renovations. And those that will take your home as it is will offer a significantly lower price. Therefore, before you list your home, ensure that you have addressed any faults.

Outdated Bathrooms and Kitchens

These two are the most popular spaces that attract buyers to a house. In some cases, buyers have walked away from a home they initially liked because the kitchen or the bathroom was outdated. Note that renovating these two rooms can be costly, which most buyers do not want to go through. It will therefore help if you give these two a facelift as you are likely to get a return on your investment when you sell. For instance, when it comes to the bathroom, research affordable modern bathroom designs to incorporate in the house.

Illegal Home Renovations

When renovating your home, you will need to get permits from the relevant authorities. Attempting upgrades without approval will discourage people from buying a home. Buyers can use a property history search tool if they want more information about your home. That means you need to ensure the background of your property is clean.

Selling a home can bring significant returns if done right. If there are things you can control, like upgrading it and making it presentable, make that effort to avoid devaluing it.

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