7 Health Benefits of Prebiotics and Probiotics


If you are a health conscious pern like me and haven’t yet heard about Probiotic and prebiotic, maybe you have been living under a stone in the last few years. However Probiotic and prebiotic may sound the same but they work differently for the body. Prebiotic is the non-digestible part of food that gets fermented in our colon. This fermentation process benefits bacterias residing in our gut. On the contrary probiotics are the good bacterias that are produced in process of food fermentation. You will get prebiotics in different fruits like unripe banana, raw honey, onion, garlic and skin of an apple. Yoghurt, kimchi, miso, and sauerkraut are the excellent source of them as well. Here are seven probiotics and prebiotics benefits to convince yourself.

  1. Improves the health of your gut:

More than 70 per cent people of this world suffer from the digestive problem. Probiotic and prebiotic foods are known for improving gut health. It improves the digestion system and lowers the risk of having diarrhoea. Healthy digestion system eliminates bloating and gas. Probiotics benefit people with inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disease or UTI.

  1. Improves immunity:

When you do not maintain a proper healthy diet, then your gut becomes more suitable for cultivating bad bacteria. It leads to unhealthy immunity because 70 per cent of our immune system is in the stomach. Studies have shown that taking a right amount of prebiotic foods has reduced the duration of a cough and flue in people. Probiotics make an atmosphere for the good bacterias and eliminate the bad ones. It is considered one of the primary prebiotics benefit for humans.

  1. Boosts the strength of mental health:

The gut is also known as the second brain. The balance of good and bad bacteria improves digestion quality and promotes mental health. Some probiotics can work on improving mental health condition. Probiotics like lactobacillus have operated on many patients with anxiety and depression. The probiotic does wonder to mental health.

  1. Improves mineral absorption:

If you are suffering from a leaky gut and you cannot absorb nutrition from your food at all, it can lead to a severe health hazard. It can severely undermine your health even after maintaining a good diet. The bone gets weaker and fragile because of this. By adding a right amount of prebiotic to your diet, you can make the mineral absorption higher. The more absorption of mineral will improve bone density fast.

  1. Detoxifies naturally:

Cleansing plays a vital role in the wellbeing of the gut. We need to detoxify our colon to keep it healthy regularly. Prebiotic and probiotic foods work as a detoxifier by eliminating harmful bacteria from our body. Without probiotics our gut becomes gassy. Which is suitable for harmful bacteria to grow. Prebiotic kills the bad ones and detoxifies our stomach.

  1. Makes losing weight easier:

Better digestion automatically leads to a healthy weight loss situation. Probiotic already removes toxins from the body that accelerates metabolism. It also eliminates toxins trapped in our fat cells. Probiotic diet shows an immediate result in the diet because it washes away toxins. Which sometimes is a significant portion of our weight. Improved digestion lets the food stay in our stomach for a longer period of time. It helps to reduce appetite.

  1. Cures a lot of diseases:

Leaky gut patients may suffer from an autoimmune disease like psoriasis, eczema and seborrheic dermatitis. These diseases are hardest to cure without maintaining a proper diet with prebiotics or probiotics. If you successfully stick to this diet you will be able to detoxify the gut and cure those disease as well.


We hope after reading all the benefits of prebiotic and probiotics you feel inspired to add a lot of them in your diet. Plant fibre is tough on the human gut to digest. So, do not go overboard with your food intake initially. If you have a food allergy or any concern, then visit a doctor to consult before starting the diet too.

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