7 Places to Visit in Delhi This Holi

Delhi This Holi


Are you planning to visit Delhi from Pune this Holi? If so, you’re in for an unforgettable experience as the capital city of India transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors and festivities during this joyous occasion. Delhi, known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant atmosphere, offers an array of spectacular places to celebrate Holi. Here are seven must-visit destinations in Delhi to enjoy this festivity:

1. Lodi Gardens:

Situated amidst lush greenery, Lodi Gardens provides a serene and picturesque setting for Holi celebrations. Here, you can indulge in color-themed games, enjoy lively music, and relish delectable Holi snacks with your friends and family.

2. Connaught Place:

Experience the pulsating energy of Holi at Delhi’s iconic Connaught Place. The central park and surrounding areas come alive with vibrant colors, street food vendors offering mouthwatering delights like gujiya and thandai, and traditional music echoing through the streets. Join the festivities and create lasting memories in the heart of Delhi.

3. India Gate:

Join the enthusiastic crowds at India Gate for a lively Holi celebration. The expansive open space around this famous monument serves as a colorful playground where people come together to splash colors, exchange greetings, and enjoy festive activities against the backdrop of this national landmark.

4. Nehru Park:

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and celebrate Holi amidst tranquility at Nehru Park. Located in the upscale Chanakyapuri district, this vast park offers a peaceful retreat for indulging in fun-filled activities, live music performances, and delicious Holi sweets.

5. Hauz Khas Village:

Explore the vibrant urban culture of Delhi at Hauz Khas Village, where Holi celebrations add an extra layer of excitement to its eclectic atmosphere. Join the colorful revelers as they dance through the winding pathways, sample delicious street cuisine, and soak in the lively ambiance of this trendy neighborhood.

6. Farmhouses in Chattarpur and Gurgaon:

For a more exclusive Holi experience, head to the lavish farmhouses in Chattarpur and Gurgaon. These expansive properties offer ample space for private celebrations, complete with pool parties, rain dance setups, gourmet food, and live entertainment.

7. Clubs and Resorts:

If you’re looking for a customized and immersive Holi celebration, consider attending one of the many events hosted by clubs and resorts in and around Delhi. With live bands, DJ sets, themed decor, and a range of entertainment options, these venues ensure a memorable Holi experience for all guests.

Whether you prefer a laid-back family celebration or a lively party atmosphere, Delhi offers something for everyone to enjoy this Holi. So pack your bags, book your Pune to New Delhi flight, and prepare to get drenched in colors in the heart of India’s capital city. And don’t forget to bring back some delicious sweets and lovely souvenirs for your loved ones when you return from Delhi to Pune. Happy festivities!

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