7 ways to figure out when people are trying to fool you


Trust worthiness is something that ensures a strong bond between you and the relationships or people surrounding you.Trustworthiness, when lost, can gradually separate the elements of relationships required to build a strong relationship. It takes a lot to trust people, but it just takes a fraction of seconds to break the trust. But not everyone is entitled to your trust. And not everyone would prioritize trust to build a strong relationship. Contrarily, not everyone is meant to be a close one to you. Hence, you might encounter difficulties with people. And people might often try to fool you through their toxic behavior.

People might prioritize relationships according to how they use other people for their selfish needs. And this it might turn out to be toxic to other people.You can identify whether or not these people are trying to fool you. To know more, keep reading on.

Liking that person and judging eventually

Whether or not someone is lik able, lying can never make a relationship grow. Usually, when you like someone you always one that person to like you back. It is basically a different form of having the skin in the game. Accomplished liars always have a proper way making themselves likable in front of everyone. While liking someone is absolutely normal, suspending usual verification or judgment for the person can be a huge mistake.

When your gut tells you to beware, beware

You must take the time to look into your own intuition when you wish to believe the things that the person has told you. Trusting someone unknown is quite challenging for you. Hence, you need to believe in what your intuitions tell you.

Difficulty in verifying information

If you face challenges in verifying the information what the speaker has told you, then there’s something fishy. As a matter of fact, deceiving with someone’s feelings is never a good idea. Dhoka, as it is referred to in Hindi is also known as cheating in English. So, when you find the information isn’t matching, then it might be a possibility that the person is apparently cheating or deceiving you.

When you see some secretive behaviors

The easiest way to keep a lie from being unwrapped is by limiting the range of folks. If the speaker refuses to tell you something, then you might encounter fraud or cheating. If you encounter any secretive behavior in the person, then it might be a possibility that he or she is hiding something important from you.

Confirmation of the resemblance of what you’re hearing and what you believe

Confirmation bias is a psychological term which psychologist denotes as a common problem. Everyone lives in a world which caters to our confirmation biases. So, you should always be confirmed whether or not your belief is as similar to as what you hear about someone who might try to fool you.

Your skin in the game

The other name for deceiving or dhoka in english is also called fraud.  If the falsehood or truth benefits the person or you in the game, then you must be very careful. This is due to the fact that your self-interest might cloud your judgment.

Lying is not the speaker’s cup of tea?

Even if you assume that lying is not a cup of tea for the speaker, he or she can lie at times. As a matter of fact, the speaker might have reasons to lie even if you think that he or she doesn’t have any reason to lie.

Thus, this compiles the ways of figuring out when anyone tries to deceive or fool you.

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