A Gentleman’s Guide on How to Dress like a Peaky Blinder

A Gentleman’s Guide on


It is already known that the famous series Peaky Blinders has deeply impacted the modern fashion industry through various 1920’s vintage trends such as the three piece suits, flat caps, penny collar shirts and many more. The style of the 1920’s is indeed a remarkable moment in fashion history as it is regarded as a transition from Victorian style into the modern era. Whether you want to adopt this style for a special occasion or embrace it for everyday wear, here are four tips on how to dress like a Peaky Blinder.

The Three Piece Suit

One of the most notable fashion moments in the series is represented by the monochrome three piece suits. The suits consist of a matching jacket, vest and pants that are mostly crafted in darker shades of blue, brown, black and gray. Also, the characters usually wear eye-catching ties or bows that add a pop of color to the look. The Peaky Blinders suits are made of dense and durable materials such as tweed or linen as they are not only regarded as elegant pieces of clothing, but they also need to provide warmth. In fact, the three piece suits were originally designed for comfort reasons.

The Flat Cap

You cannot talk about Peaky Blinders with referring to their signature flat caps. Even though nowadays the flat caps are regarded as fashion statements, they have a long history since the 14th century when they were considered a social necessity. The flat caps are based on a classy Irish style and it is one of the most admired accessory choices for the modern man, being worn by celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling. If you want to accessorize your outfit similarly to the characters in Peaky Blinders,opt for an Irish Tweed Cap. Moreover, for a more put together look, try matching the cap with the suit.

The Penny Collar Shirt

Another iconic piece that should not be missed from your outfit is the Penny Collar Shirt, also known as Club Collar Shirts. The Penny Collar Shirt is characterized by a smaller and rounder collar, being a middle-ground between the grandfather collar and traditional collar shirt. Thomas Shelby usually wears this shirt in various styles, from plain to striped. For a more sophisticated look, you can add silvery cufflinks similarly to the ones that Tommy wears. Other accessories that would complement not only the shirt, but the overall look, are the adjustable suspenders.

Leather Boots / Brogue Boots

Last but not least, a pair of solid Brogue Boots is essential to complete your Peaky Blinders look. The pairs of lace up boots worn on the series go above your ankles and are featured in dark colors such as brown and black. Like the other pieces in this list, these leather shoes were initially crafted for utilitarian purposes. The term ‘brogue’ comes from the Irish word ‘brog’ that can be translated as ‘work shoe’. The Peaky Blinders wear these leather boots not only due to their elegant appearance, but also for the quality and highly resistance against cold and rain.

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