Abaram Network Solutions Provides An Insight On Diverse Types Of Network Devices

Abaram Network Solutions Provides An Insight On Diverse Types Of Network Devices


A variety of electronic devices are used for a computer network. These devices are referred to as network devices or network equipment. The staff members of Abaram Network Solutions mention that these devices are majorly used for the purpose of transmitting and receiving in a swift and secure manner between computers, printers, fax machines and so on. This company has been associated with the distribution of network hardware equipment for decades, and hence the professionals working there have a good level of knowledge about diverse types of network devices.

Abaram Network Solutions briefly explains multiple types of network devices

Network devices are primarily needed to ensure proper communication and interaction between various devices on a computer network. According to the professionals working at Abaram Network Solutions, these network devices specifically mediate data transmission in a computer network. Each device present in a computer network has a specific role to play on the basis of their functionality.

Here are some of the major types of network devices used today, as underlined by the experts working at Abaram Network Solutions:

  • Hub: A hub is used to connect various computer networking devices together. It also amplifies signals that deteriorate after traveling long distances over connecting cables. Hub is among the simplest type of network connecting devices, as it tends to connect LAN components with identical protocols. A hub can be used with both analog and digital data, provided that its settings have been adequately configured to prepare for the formatting of the relevant incoming data.
  • Switch: Switches are known to have a much more intelligent role to play, in comparison to hubs. A switch can be considered to be a multiport device which helps in improving network efficiency. It can maintain limited routing information about nodes in the internal network, while allowing connections to systems like routers and hubs. Strands of LANs are subsequently connected with the usage of switches. In most cases, switches are able to read the hardware addresses of incoming packets, in order to effectively transmit them to the ideal destination.
  • Router: Routers are known to help people to transmit data packets to their destinations. Routers are intelligent devices, and they basically store data about the networks they are connected to. Majority of the routers available can easily be configured to operate as packet-filtering firewalls. In certain cases, routers are used in conjunction with a data service unit/channel service unit in order to translate to WAN framing from LAN framing. These routers are referred to as border routers.
  • Bridge: Bridges are basically used to efficiently connect two or more network segments or hosts together. The prime role of bridges in network architecture is to both store and forward frames between the distinguished segments connected by it. Hardware Media Access Control (MAC) addresses are used by them to transfer frames.

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Modem, repeater, and access points are some of the other common types of network devices. Details about them can easily be found on the web.

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