AccessiBe and The User Profiles Available to Users with Disabilities Online

Profiles Available to Users with Disabilities Online


Web accessibility is a legal right for everyone on the Internet under the laws of ADA and WCAG guidelines, so business sites must ensure their websites are accessibility-friendly to people with disabilities. They no longer have to resort to old-age manual techniques to fix accessibility issues on their site. These techniques were not only time-consuming but very expensive as well. Today, thanks to advancements in technology, they can opt for quicker and cost-effective web accessibility overlays that are simple to download and use.

AccessiBe helps you to remain fully accessible and compliant round-the-clock

AccessiBe is a leading name in the world of web accessibility today as it is highly affordable and simple for you to use. This remarkable tool is infused with advanced artificial intelligence technology for your automated web accessibility needs. It can be easily installed on your site with a single line of JavaScript. Users with disabilities can enjoy the profiles below to navigate your site and have a seamless browsing experience:

  1. Profile for epilepsy- This profile helps users with epilepsy to use the site safely as it eliminates the risks of seizures resulting from blinking animations, flash images, and other risky color combinations.
  2. Profile for visual impairments- This profile is best-suited for users with visual impairments like cataracts, glaucoma, degrading eyesight, tunnel vision, and others.
  3. Profile for cognitive disabilities- This profile provides assistive features to users with mental disorders like CVA, dyslexia, autism, and others so they can focus better on the different site elements.
  4. ADHD-friendly profile: This profile reduces distractions and noise to aid users with ADHD and other neurological disorders to read, browse, and focus on essential elements of the site easily.
  5. Screen readers for blind users- This profile makes adjustments to the site to be compatible with screen readers like TalkBack, NVDA, JAWS, and Voice Over. Here, the screen reader can be installed on the computer or the laptop of a blind user, and the site becomes compatible with it.
  6. Keyboard navigation for the motor-impaired- This profile helps users with motor impairments to use the site with the Enter and the Tab keys on the keyboard. They can also use shortcut keys to jump to certain site elements.

Business owners can benefit from this innovative tool by reaching out to a whole community of users with disabilities. In this way, you can boost the returns on investments for their business as their sales opportunities increase. They can reach out to users with disabilities who have income and purchasing power for their goods and services. Moreover, these potential customers often become loyal customers in the process over time.

AccessiBe is an affordable tool that helps small business owners to make their sites fully compliant and accessible round-the-clock. The tool scans the site every 24 hours and makes the necessary adjustments to the site daily. Even if you upload new content, your site becomes accessible, WCAG, and ADA compliant in under 48 hours!

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