AmFund – How Does Crowdfunding Help in Social Causes

How Does Crowdfunding Help in Social Causes


Several social causes need attention and funds. It is here awareness has to be created so that the social cause in question gets the participants and volunteers it needs. When it comes to attracting funds and increasing the number of volunteers or participants for the cause, crowdfunding is a method that uses social media platforms to reach out to friends and family for your cause.

AmFund – How does crowdfunding help in raising funds and awareness?

AmFund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dealing with fundraising for numerous charitable causes. The organization helps people and companies raise funds for any community or social cause. Crowdfunding is a unique and effective way to raise funds for an event, project, cause, or need. With the help of crowdfunding, one can tell their story with the help of videos and photos on social media.

Group effort for social and community causes

Fundraising is never a solo endeavor, and here you need the help of the community, family, and friends to attain your goals effectively. Crowdfunding is one of the best ways to connect and reach out to everybody present in your network and seek support. The campaign for crowdfunding will uniquely explain your reasons for raising funds for the community and social cause. It demonstrates to volunteers where the donations will go to.

Visible to everyone

Crowdfunding campaigns are visible to everyone, and this helps you to give your network social proof and validation of the cause. When participants and volunteers are aware, they start to show interest in your campaign. Others start to trust your endeavor, and attention increases. With more volunteers and participants joining the cause, it becomes easier for you to reach out to potential investors with the social or community causes you are campaigning for.

Better than traditional fundraising

Crowdfunding today is better than traditional fundraising because you get print and media coverage. This creates lasting impressions, and the details of the campaign can be shared with others easily. For instance, you can create a story on Instagram or Twitter and spread awareness about your campaign on them with the help of relevant hashtags and captions. You can create a strong snowball effect with Twitter as you get connected to potential volunteers and participants to whom you may not have ever reached out to before. A news station might even cover your campaign and telecast it on TV or radio. When people learn and know more about your campaign, they step forward and choose to participate and volunteer for the same.

Professionals from the American Fundraising Foundation state that they help people with their fundraising efforts, and crowdfunding is one of the most effective ways via which social causes get attention. A certain element of planning and organization is needed when it comes to making the crowdfunding campaign a success. It has its share of advantages and reaches out to more people. It provides social proof and validation to the cause and drives in a lot of donations for any community or social cause.

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