Are you a Shopaholic? The Best Malls in Riyadh

The Best Malls in Riyadh


Shopping malls are one of the biggest tourist attractions these days and you can visit any country in the world for experiencing its shopping malls. Saudi Arabia is one of those countries that have some remarkable shopping malls. We specifically talk about shopping malls of Riyadh that are known for their intimate interiors, famous brands, and vast colliders. This prominent city of Saudi Arabia has much more for its visitors. If you are a shopaholic, then you can easily select Riyadh as your next destination. You have a wonderful opportunity to fill your bags with imported things. Before booking your flight tickets and hotel, we recommend you to utilize Booking promo code given at for explorers and tourists. It is a great chance to see the world especially Saudi Arabia in a limited budget. What more could you want? After some hard work, we have compiled a list of best shopping malls in Riyadh for shopaholics.

Al Nakheel Mall:

The thing we selected this mall is due to its finest service and innovative design. It is worth-mentioning that this mall is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Riyadh. With more than 2000000footfalls per week, it is one of the most visited shopping malls. You can come across with trending fashion items, home products, kitchen items, or you name it. There is a big theme park inside this mall for children. Moreover, the presence of fast food brands makes it a wonderful place for shopping. You can enjoy a full day at this shopping mall.

Kingdom Center Malls:

Aside from the most iconic building, this is the best shopping mall in Riyadh for enthusiast shoppers and visitors. It is located near the famous hotels, restaurants, and cafes. This state-of-the-art shopping mall is a worth-visiting place. The inclusion of modern technology and other facilities will easily make your trip unforgettable. Make use of Booking promo code from for confirming your plane flights and explore every corner of Saudi Arabia or your favorite country at nominal budget.

Riyadh Gallery Mall:

This mall is the flawless representation of stylish interior, luxury, and international brands. According to shoppers, it is such a famous shopping mall in Riyadh for men, women, and kids’ shopping. You can spend a leisure day in this mall with your family and kids. The thing that attracts tourists towards this mall is its popularity. The interior on the front looks like a gallery so you should visit this shopping mall for exploring the finest architecture of Riyadh.

Sahara Mall Riyadh:

When it comes to luxury, this mall won’t disappoint you. It is known for its trending outfits, dedicated area for kids, and amazing service. You can get some entertainment facilities in this mall that are specifically made for tourists. Manage your international trip without hurting your bank statement with the aid of Browse this site and collect Booking promo code and get incredible price cut on five-star hotels, business class plane tickets, and rental taxis.

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