Begin Your TEFL Teaching Career In Sri Lanka: Complete Guide

Begin Your TEFL Teaching Career In


Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful destinations which is also known as the “land of serendipity in which one can dream of living and working at the same time. As a country, it offers beautiful tropical landscapes, is surrounded by breathtaking sceneries, and is rich in cultural value with historic heritage.

However, in Sri Lanka, the literacy rate of speaking and writing in the English language is still very behind compared to other Asian countries. In the below image, we can witness how young students struggle to get good grades in English.

TEFL Teaching


Moreover, the Govt. of Sri Lanka wants to improve the literacy rate of English in their country and open the gate for capable TEFL teachers around the world to teach English and explore at the same time.

If you’re also planning to begin your TEFL teaching journey in Sri Lanka then, this blog post is made for you. You will get to know everything there is to know from knowing the best places to teach in Sri Lanka to all the requirements you must fulfil to have a successful TEFL teaching career.

Requirements To Teach English In Sri Lanka

TEFL Certification

To teach English in sri lanka with no experience you must be a TEFL certified teacher. Most employers in Sri Lanka require candidates to have at least completed a 120-hour TEFL certification course from accredited institutes like the Asian College of Teachers .

Degree Requirement

To teach in any public or private institution in Sri Lanka you must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in any specific field. However, if you’re considering teaching on a voluntary basis then there’s no degree requirement for it.

Age Limit

To teach in any educational institute in Sri Lanka you must need to have 18+ at least and for a voluntary position 17+ is the age criteria.

Visa Requirement

Once you get a TEFL teaching job offer, you must apply for a working visa to teach in Sri Lanka which is a quite straightforward process. You can either apply for the visa online or upon arriving at the airport.

Additionally, if you’re planning to teach as a TEFL teacher in Sri Lanka for a longer period of time then you must apply for a residence visa via a working visa or digital nomad visa.

Note: You can’t be able to work on a visiting visa in Sri Lanka. 

English Proficiency Level

You don’t need to be a native English speaker from countries like- the USA, New Zealand, UK, Australia, or Ireland to teach English in Sri Lanka. All you need to have a high proficiency level in English and an accredited TEFL certificate from reputed institutions.

Prior Teaching Experience

Although prior English teaching experience is not mandatory in Sri Lanka. However, if you have past teaching experience then you can expect a higher package of salary compared to the starting salary package for freshers which is around 100$/month.

Best Place For TEFL Teachers To Teach English In Sri Lanka

Below we have shared some of the best destinations in Sri Lanka to teach English which you should consider:


Colombo is one of the popular cities which is also the capital of Sri Lanka you can consider it for starting your TEFL teaching journey. It offers breathtaking sand beaches, windy canals, and a soothing harbour-front and with that, it also offers plenty of opportunities for teaching English jobs.


Kandy is one of those destinations which been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site which is located in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. It’s also known for its serenity and spiritual vibes for students. In Kandy, you can also consider visiting the Temple of the Tooth Relic which has a sacred tooth that belongs to Buddha. On top of that, there’s no lack of teaching English opportunities in Kandy as well.


Galle is one of the destinations which is situated in the southern part of Sri Lanka which is known for its historic colonial architecture and laid-back vibes. One of the biggest cricket grounds of Sri Lanka is also built in Galle and it also has one of the famous architectures called Galle Fort. Most importantly, you will find plenty of teaching English opportunities in Galle.


Negombo is a city which is situated in the northern part of Sri Lanka. It has one of the major ports in Sri Lanka with a rich history as a commerce hub. It is also known for its beautiful beaches and for the cultivation of cinnamon. If you’re a nature lover and beaches then Negombo is the perfect fit for you to start your TEFL teaching journey.

Types Of Teaching Job In Sri Lanka

Let’s explore what kind of teaching job you can expect to teach English in Sri Lanka:

Public School Teaching Job

One of the common teaching jobs you can find in Sri Lanka is teaching in public schools. You can expect to work with all ages and skill level students. Government teachers in Sri Lanka earn around $150-$300 (Rs.30k-60k) with additional benefits like healthcare insurance and retirement plans.

Private Language Institute Teaching Job

A private language institute teaching job is also one of the popular teaching jobs you can consider. This language institute generally focuses on adult students to teach them English as a Foreign language. You can exact the salary range as a private teacher to be around ($200-$400) with an additional benefit such as health insurance and paid holidays.

International School Teaching Job

In every international school in Sri Lanka, the curriculum is totally Western-style. In this school, you can expect to teach English as a Foreign Language to international students. You can expect a higher range of salaries in international schools around ($400-$1250) and additional benefits like- accommodations allowance, health insurance, and paid holidays.

Volunteer Teaching Position

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities to teach English in rural Sri Lanka. In volunteer position you will get an opportunity to work with students of all ages and from different backgrounds and help them to improve their English language skills to pursue their professional and academic goals. Volunteer positions can offer you valuable experience, accommodations benefits, and opportunities to make a positive impact on local communities.

Online Teaching Opportunity

To earn extra income, you can also consider to teach English online from Sri Lanka. By providing one on one tutoring session to students of any age bracket. However, it is suggested when you’re setting your teaching charges make sure you consider factors like what other teachers are charging.

How To Land A TEFL Teaching Job Successfully?

Now you have a basic idea of what kind of teaching opportunities is there in Sri Lanka, let’s explore easy to land a TEFL teaching job role successfully

Acquire TEFL Certification

The first step for you to become a teacher in Sri Lanka is to complete a TEFL certification course from a reputable institute, especially if you don’t have any prior teaching experience.

Meet The Minimum Requirement

You must complete at least a Bachelor’s degree in any field to land a TEFL teaching job. However, while you’re researching for the job you may find that certain schools ask for prior teaching experience, so read the requirements carefully and apply for those job roles only where you meet the minimum requirement.

Keep Your Documents Ready

Make sure your documents like your TEFL certificate, passport, and Bachelor’s degree are up-to-date and properly certified.

Make Your CV Attractive

Make your CV be crisp short and on-point to attract the employer’s attention. Additionally, always make certain tweaks and changes according to where you’re applying.

Begin Your Job Hunt

Once you’re done with all the preparation, it’s time for you to search for different teaching job opportunities in Sri Lanka.

Take Assistance of Recruitment Agencies

Do some good research to find trustworthy and genuine recruitment companies that can help you become a teacher in Sri Lanka and also help you to relocate seamlessly.

Apply For Visa

Once you land any TEFL teaching job in Sri Lanka, you should apply for a working visa which is quite a straightforward process.

Cost of Living In Sri Lanka

In general, the cost of living in Sri Lanka is quite affordable even in urban areas like Colombo or Galle, which allows to explore, travel, and save your earnings as well. Below we have shared an overview of the cost of living in Sri Lanka:


  • If you are considering having an apartment within the city centre then it will cost you around Rs 62,000(190$)
  •  If you’re considering living city centre: around Rs 35,000(110$).


You can expect to spend on utilities like- water, electricity, or gas around Rs 11,000($35)/ month.

 Food and Groceries:

  • You can expect to spend on food or groceries around Rs 15,000($45).
  • If you consider having a meal in an inexpensive restaurant then you may be spending around Rs 550 ($1.70).

Transportation Expenses

  • If you consider taking a monthly pass for transportation then you can expect to pay around Rs. 1800($6)
  • For a single bus or subway trip you can expect to spend around Rs500($0.6).

Internet Facility

You can get access to unlimited internet access at Rs. 3500($11)/ month.

Begin Your TEFL Teaching Life In Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries which is full of rich cultural heritage, beautiful ancient temples, stunning natural landscapes, markets, and most importantly full of TEFL teaching opportunities.

You can also expect the people of Sri Lanka to be friendly and hospitable which will help you to become a part of the community and become comfortable teaching English in Sri Lanka comfortably.

So, after witnessing the various perks and benefits to become a teacher in Sri Lanka, it’s time for you to take the right steps to start your TEFL teaching career in Sri Lanka. Begin your teaching journey by pursuing courses like Bachelor of Education in TESOL and discover the joy of immersing yourself in a new culture while making a positive impact on the lives of others.

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