Benefits of After market Magazines

After market Magazines


If you own a firearm, you may have considered aftermarket modifications, such as a larger magazine, iron sights or titanium parts. You may have heard that some modifications help you improve your shooting or the way your weapon works. These are the benefits of choosing aftermarket magazines.

Greater Capacity

You may have started your search for aftermarket ammo for sale, but you ended up looking at aftermarket magazines when you realized that aftermarket magazines could allow you to increase the number of shots in your magazine. Although not all magazines or magazine upgrades increase your load, some do, and when you are in danger and you have to use your weapon, additional shots can be an asset.

Some aftermarket magazines do not offer room for additional bullets, but they do give you additional capacity because you can carry your aftermarket magazines with you in case you run out of ammo in your weapon’s magazine. This can be especially important during competitions. It is always better to carry extra ammo, and having additional magazines allows you to do that.

Better, More Comfortable Grip

Mag wells and aftermarket magazines typically extend the size of your grip. This is especially beneficial for subcompact weapons. The added length helps you grip the firearm more securely. It also adds weight to the gun, improving recoil management. However, make sure you don’t choose a magazine that can be easily detected through your concealed carry clothing.

Less Wear on the Mag Plates

Factory magazine plates tend to be somewhat flimsy. They can be easily damaged, especially if you drop them on a concrete floor. However, aftermarket mag plates are much sturdier, so they don’t wear at the same rate or in the same ways that factory plates wear. However, you should consistently check your weapon’s parts to ensure they are in good shape no matter whether you use factory or aftermarket parts.

Whether you are a competition shooter or you have a concealed carry permit for protection, you understand how important it is to choose the right weapon, which may include aftermarket parts, such as magazines.

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