Benefits of Solar Power in California

Benefits of Solar Power


California is an ideal place for solar panels since they can maximize getting solar energy due to the sunny days most times of the year. As a resident, you should consider shifting to solar energy so you can be able to enjoy the benefits it can give you. There are several solar power providers near California that you can talk to so you can get more ideas on how it works. You can also compare their offers so you can pick one once you decide to have that installation.

Is Solar Worth It in California?

With the weather conditions in California investing in solar panels can be a win-win situation. Since you can maximize the energy you can get from it. With all the energy you can get your money’s worth plus you can get your return of investment in 5 to 7 years of solar energy usage and you can also get other benefits. 

Here are Benefits of Solar Power in California

Save on Electricity

With solar panels, you can rely 100% on or partially depending on your choice. However, whichever would help you lower or eliminate your electricity bill. Plus having a solar panel can teach you how to conserve the power you use in your home since you can monitor your consumption by using a monitoring device that can be attached to your solar panel system. 

Blackout Protection

Power Outages are unavoidable and this can cause delay and inconvenience to your daily routine. By having a backup power system you can avoid these issues. You can store the excess solar energy by getting a battery, it can store enough energy during the daytime then you can use it during a blackout or if you plan to go 100% solar then you can store energy during the daytime and use it at night time

Clean, Renewable Energy

Solar energy is renewable energy which means the source is not scarce and they don’t emit high greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are the ones causing toxic effects on the environment. Non-renewable energy sources are big contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and these cause damage to the environment. By using solar energy you are sure you have clean air and you are helping in making the environment recover faster. 


Getting solar panel installation can give you the following incentives:

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit

Every resident is entitled to this incentive. Once a purchase is done the buyer gets a 26% federal solar investment tax credit which can be used during the end of the year paying taxes. The 26% amount from your solar panel cost will be used to cover your tax liabilities and if there is any excess it will be credited to the next year until every cent of it is credited. You may not be able to get this in cash but it will surely help you lessen your annual tax or even pay it off. Take advantage of this opportunity this year since, after December 31, 2022, the percentage will go down to 22%. 

Self-Generation Incentive Program

Once you get your solar panel installed your bill can reduce up to 100% depending on the solar panels you invest in and your energy usage. From the amount you can save you can get your return if investment in 5 to 7 years, the upfront cost may be pricey but you can get back the amount you use by simply using your solar panel, and imagine how much you can save for 25 years since this is the expected lifespan of a solar panel. So better install high-quality and branded solar panels to guarantee their durability. 

Solar Energy System Property Tax Exclusion

Having solar panels installed in your home can increase its market value by up to $15,000, so if you are planning to sell your house or not getting solar panel installation is a good idea. Plus you can get a property tax exclusion if you plan to deal your home with a solar panel installation.

Local Utility Company Rebates

If you decide to go on-grid with your solar panels means you will still be utilizing electricity from the grid and your solar panel as well. This system is called net metering, through net metering, you can get paid with the excess solar energy you send to the grid.

You can reap all these benefits and even more so get that solar panel installed now and see how it can change your life. 

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