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IPL fantasy league game was introduced last year. This fantasy cricket game is played online through the official website of IPL. It would be wrong to call it just a game, as this site offers much more than that. There are many reasons to play ipl fantasy league game, although one is not an ardent fan of cricket at all.

 Benefits of playing ipl fantasy league game

  • The best thing about playing online fantasy cricket leagues is that one can earn money without spending any. All one has to do is create your free account, make the team, and make wise decisions while selecting players for one’s team throughout the tournament until the final scores are tallied up, after which winning prizes are awarded to top finishers.
  • There are no geographical barriers to playing this game which means that anyone worldwide can play this game without worrying about local differences. This is because the IPL fantasy league game is played online and has a global appeal as cricket does.
  • Every match is equally crucial since every point counts towards one’s final tally at the end of the league stage, where points scored by each player are tallied up and deducted from their base price, with the resultant figure being their net worth for that day’s match. So one must never underestimate any match although not all matches may be as big.
  • This is a kind of game where the most important thing that would help one be successful is their knowledge about cricket. One must have a complete hold on all the rules and regulations regarding cricket matches, team tactics and strategies before creating his free account so as to ensure that he does not make any mistakes while playing this fantasy league game.
  • Even if one is not a fan of cricket at all but an ardent movie or music fan, then also there are chances that they may like to play this game for earning some money because apart from providing crucial information about teams and players which can be helpful during playing match day contests; it also provides additional information related to movies, songs etc. But one thing should be kept in mind that several other sites also offer similar kinds of stuff and one must be wise to select the site for playing fantasy cricket which has proven its worth.
  • When one registers their team, they are given a choice to choose from two available options: free mode and paid mode. If one wants to play this game without spending any money then they must register their team under the ‘free’ entry where no amount will be deducted from their account balance; but if they wish to play with some amount and also stand a chance of winning cash prizes then they would have to go in for paid option, because that’s how most players make their entry fee back whenever they win cash prizes at the end of tournament stage.
  • One can chat with league members using a private messaging system while browsing the official website. This helps in building friendships and can also prove beneficial while playing match day contests because there may be many players who will like to trade players with one, and if they do not know them personally, then this can prove beneficial for them since there is no way that every other player will play good cricket; hence good players would always be needed by others as well to make their team stronger.
  • Apart from providing information about teams and its players, fantasy league game also provides information regarding other things such as match results, wickets taken by batsmen/bowlers, individual performances of each player, etc., which proves useful during playing match day contests. So one must keep an eye on all happenings related to the sports world to win mega cash prizes at the end of the tournament.
  • As said, “practice makes a man perfect”; hence, one must use free mock contests available under the fantasy cricket menu before entering into paid contests. These mock contests provide almost similar experience that a player gets while playing a real match day contest and help reduce one’s entry fee since they can play as many times as they want without spending any money.
  • There are no geographical restrictions for Indian citizens to register their teams and play this game; moreover there is no citizenship restriction for foreign players, so anybody from any corner of the world can also create his team and play this fantasy league game. In fact, there are several foreign-based players from cricket-playing nations which one can choose for strengthening their team.
  • As the managers of this game are very much active and vigilant, they regularly provide live score updates etc. to participants by adding it under messaging system while browsing the league page on the official website. Hence a player can easily take advantage of this feature while creating their free account and also during playing match day contests where one has to make several changes in their fantasy cricket team based on the latest updates regarding teams’ formation, performance and players’ replacements etc., provided by management team.
  • According to law of averages, chances of winning prize money is more when overall points earned by a participant throughout tournament gets reduced after each round because many players get restricted to play match day contest due to prior commitments and hence chances of making their desired changes in fantasy league teams reduces leading to drop in overall points. In such a scenario, a player who lacks many players from his team would stand a very high chance of winning top cash prize at the end of league stage which gets deducted against his entry fee.
  • Another factor that helps a player win this game is that he must try to make their selection as per match’s popularity among cricket fans because most people prefer playing popular matches only while creating their teams during a contest. So a participant should also follow the same trend to get benefit from it.
  • During last phase of tournament, where Top 8 teams get qualified for entering quarterfinals i.e., round-robin matches, a participant must try to pick players from teams that have been winning convincingly because chances of winning this contest are higher if a team enters into quarterfinals with good number of “match points” which is calculated as follows: (Number of won matches/ Number of played matches) x 3. So try to select such teams while creating your fantasy cricket league teams and hence you would be among the top 8 managers who will play quarterfinal rounds.
  • Benefit of earning money: No matter how much money you invest in this game, at the end of the tournament if your team qualifies for playing quarterfinals/semi-finals/final or winning award ceremony, then you are entitled to win handsome cash prizes. “IPL Fantasy Football Leagues Game” launched by Star India Pvt. Ltd. allows cricket lovers to create virtual teams of their favorite players and participate in various contests offered by it where they can win attractive cash prizes just by spending few minutes of their time daily.

The management offers one mega contest daily where prize money starts from Rs.5 Lakhs and goes up to Rs.1 Crore (or more). Apart from that, there are several other mini-contests with attractive cash prizes that remain active throughout the tournament.

So these were the reason which makes fantasy cricket the best ipl money earning app.

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