Bruce Weber Photographer Talks About How to Create Compelling Black and White Photos

Bruce Weber Photographer


When photography first became popular, there was just a single aesthetic medium, which is black and white. It was not till the thirties that color became an option for capturing and viewing images. But there still is something about black and white photography that magnetizes many creative individuals like Bruce Weber Photographer. Its appeal is way bigger than just nostalgia or achieving a retro look. Black and white photography, if done right, can be a powerful means of communicating a message.

Bruce Weber Photographer shares how to capture dramatic black and white images

Black and white photography is about playing with black, white and shades in-between in an image. Hence, photographers must always put emphasis on the contrast of the images they click. When taking any photo, they should think about how it might look in black and white. A bright sky can look way more interesting if contrasted with a dark object. Having an object or a person in front of a light background generally helps create amazing contrast. Contrast can even be used in black and white fashion photography. After all, options for creative experimentation are almost limitless in this style.

Clicking just pretty images is always not enough. To elevate their impact, it is important to add a bit of a dramatic tone to it. This can be done most efficiently through black and white photography.  Experimenting with exposure in black and white photography can allow people to capture some really compelling images. At times, over or underexposing the images can add a dash of dramatic effect.  Whenever a photographer tries to take a black and white photo, they should always firstly experiment with various levels of exposure and see which one turns out to be the best.  Looking at the exposure to natural lighting is also important. Flat light, where there is not much exposure, can enhance black and white images in many cases.

A good black and white photo generally has a bit of pattern to it.  As in black and white photography, one works with a limited color palette, they need to search for patterns and contrast to make the image look more interesting. The eyes of the viewers often get attracted to the patterns. These patterns can be of multiple types. Starting from blades of grass and rocks on the ground to cars going from left to right, options for finding patterns in the surrounding can be numerous. Just about any repeating object, texture, or design in the frame can be considered to be a pattern. Patterns particularly work well in black and white photography as there is no color to distract the viewer from it.

Last, but definitely not the least, the best way to capture stunning black and white photos would be to explore similar works. One can check out old black and white photos and movies for inspiration. Vintage images and films will be ideal to get some great ideas. One can also take a look at contemporary photos in black and white clicked by professionals like Bruce Weber Photographer.

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