Comparison – the similarities and differences between SEO and Google Ads

SEO and Google Ads


Putting aside the workings of each method, there are certain similarities and differences between what both can achieve and bring value to.


Designed to bring traffic, leads and sales by improving visibility, your top rankings on Google will constructively bring people to your business whether its through paid or organic search rankings.

Attract relevant audience through targeting and optimising for keywords unique to your services and products. Neither Google Ads nor SEO would let you down when it comes to enticing your prospective customers.

Keywords play a significant role for both, SEO and Google Ads. Making sure you’re targeting the right keywords is essential to bring in the desired results no matter which strategy you use, bad choice of keywords will be a loss in both scenarios.

Requires timely check-ups and constant changes to match the ever-changing digital market and keep a record of progress. Trial and error is the essence of any marketing strategy.


The time span of Google Ads is shorter than SEO, which means as soon as your ad hits the time limit it will disappear into the void and your traffic will drop to zero in matter of seconds. In contrast, after reaching the top in organic rankings through SEO your site will hold on its place for a long period of time while continually bringing your traffic.

Paying for every click with Google Ads and having infinite free clicks on organic search results is a very obvious one, it really makes a difference when you’re keeping budget in mind.

Immediate results can be driven through Google Ads which SEO can not do. It’s the same case as with the ad being taken down, as soon as it goes up it will start bringing you traffic and audience, in a matter of minutes and with much less effort.

SEO and Google Ads

Which one is the better choice?

To quote what was said in the beginning, the argument regarding which one’s the best has long reached its end. So, in the end and as a matter of fact, all marketing professionals can agree that a combination of both SEO and Google Ads is the right answer.

However, which one should be focused on more, can vary based on different scenarios. These scenarios range through several factors like getting more ROI, achieving better results through performance, getting widely noticed on relevant SERPs to increase brand awareness, and the overall or initial budget you have to offer for your digital marketing campaign.

So let’s dig in straight to the business scenarios you can find yourself in and bring you the answers you need!

  • In terms of ROI

Knowing how much and how fast you’d be able to get a return on investment is a crucial part of planning any business strategy. The question stands, whether SEO or Google Ads would bring you more ROI and how quickly?

Wixdek SEO brings organic traffic which basically won’t cost you every day, every minute, of every person clicking. Yet to clarify, it isn’t for free. Getting SEO done the right way might need the help of professionals unless you’re a professional yourself. It’s slower to bring results so you can say it’s not very fast on bringing ROI but it does bring a good amount of ROI after a few months of effort. Most importantly, the results last long.

In contrast, Google Ads are very quick to bring you ROI but last for a short span of time. In that case, its up to fate whether you are able to recover your profits or not because as soon as your ad gets taken down your traffic will fall to zero and so will your sales. Moreover, CPC (Cost Per Click) rate will devour a huge sum from your profit margins.

Here, SEO is the better option, especially for small or start-up businesses. Since they can’t afford to keep on running Google Ads and SEO will bring the desired results in a cost-effective manner.

A combination of both would be greatly effective for businesses with a larger budget or a number of different services because, in that way, they would be able to minimize drawbacks and ensure the ROI to be 100%.

  • In terms of performance

A complete performance boost can only be achieved when you use both SEO and Google Ads. However, in a scenario where you can only choose one, choose SEO.

Whether you’re a new or a well-established business, if you want large-scale performance it can not be achieved by the time limited Google Ads campaign single-handedly. Meanwhile, SEO can do this in certain aspects.

80%of people who search for things on Google completely ignore the paid ads.

The Conclusion

The effectiveness of any digital marketing technique depends on how thoroughly you plan it to align with your business needs.

The final verdict to the comparison between SEO and Google Ads is that both have their own benefits and drawbacks. All the above mentioned information is to assist in making an informed decision, one that would fit your specific circumstances as a business. Nevertheless, Our SEO Agency London does takes more priority and brownie points!

All-in-all in the digital landscape SEO remains as important as ever, while Google Ads have brought a competitive edge for all businesses to profit over.

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