Current Trends in Braided Composites

 use of braided textile composites 


Braided composites, unlike traditional unidirectional fibers, are more flexible and use fibers that can flex in different directions. For this reason, braided composites are taking over the various industries, including aerospace engineering, as more engineers and designers understand their benefits.

This article looks at the current trends in braided composites.

Top Trends in Various Industries

There are myriad current trends in braided composites, and the most popular ones are summarized below.

  • One of the top trends is 3D braiding. Braided composites have high strength, stiffness, and good printability that help create complex shapes that would be difficult to develop with conventional methods.
  • Another current trend is the use of braided textile composites in sports equipment. This is made possible by great damage tolerance and structural stability. As a result, braided composites are used to create light and robust sports protection equipment.
  • Finally, is the use of braided composites in the aerospace industry. Since composites are strong and lightweight, they are used to make aircraft materials. According to NASA, these materials are stiffer and stronger and increase residual comprehensive strength after impact.


As the industry moves towards stronger, lighter, and more durable composites, it is vital to understand the recent developments in braided composites. Learning about these developments will help you stay up to date with current trends in the engineering and manufacturing industry.

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