Don’t Forget These 5 Spring Cleaning Tasks

Don't Forget These 5 Spring Cleaning Tasks

It is easy to take certain areas of your home for granted. Even when you’re concentrating on your spring cleaning efforts, there are some tasks that you are likely to overlook. However, as long as you have committed yourself to spring cleaning, you may as well do a thorough job of it. Here is a checklist of important but often overlooked tasks you do not want to forget as you are taking care of your home on a seasonal basis.

1.Cleaning the Carpet

You probably vacuum on a regular basis, but this does not get rid of deep-down dirt due to spills, animals, etc. Spring is a good time for Austin carpet cleaning, which should take place on an annual basis.

2 .Sweeping the Chimney

This is not a task that people will necessarily notice and say “WOW Total Cleaning!” when they enter your home. However, if you use your fireplace often, it could be very important to the safety of your home. Otherwise, you could run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or a house fire. You should hire a professional to take care of this job, and spring is a good time to do it if you have been using the fireplace all weekend.

3.Scrubbing the Oven

When you cook food in the oven, it often drips down onto the bottom. It is admittedly a difficult task to remove all that burnt-on goo from the oven, but it is necessary or it could pose a fire risk. You have several options for cleaning your oven. Some ovens have a self-cleaning feature, or you could use chemical cleaners or a steamer.

4.Cleaning the Curtains

Dust and debris can build up on your window treatments without you realizing it, especially as you drag the curtains along the floor when opening or closing them. You should clean the curtains according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Some may require dry cleaning, while others may be machine washable.

5.Disinfecting the Toilet Base

One of the dirtiest places in your home may be the base of the toilet. It is often forgotten while people pay more attention to the bowl, the lid, and the seat. Mold and mildew can thrive in this area due to the buildup of dust and sometimes urine. This area should receive attention at least once a year and ideally more often.

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It is easy to forget these areas of your home, but do not ignore them completely when the time for spring cleaning rolls around.

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