Download Garena Free Fire: Spooky Night APK for Android

Download Garena Free Fire: Spooky Night APK for Android


Take up firearms and face other players from all around the globe in this classic survival race. The game will include up to 50 contestants who’re all fighting in an extreme relic quest. The entire race will barely last for roughly 10 minutes.

Free Fire players will have the opportunity to undergo the thrilling excitements they used to experience when playing classic Battle Royale. As both games introduce their players to one of the most heroic survival quests. The game starts when you land in totally exotic grounds where you compete against other game players in an epic survival battle. Wander throughout the island to collect armaments and things so you may earn advantages over other participants.

The game is clearly more interesting for people with busy schedules who could use those short breaks in their day to enjoy a 10-minute gameplay on their APK Android phones.

Many options are available to suit each player’s preferences. Those who favor to team up with other players can choose to form a 4-player squad and others can just go solo.

For squad gameplay players will surely benefit from each other’s experience in the game, learning new tactics and details to take them to a whole new level of challenge in this impressive survival fight.

To make the game even more communicative and interactive, Garena Free Fire also presents the outstanding voice chat feature which enables all game players to directly talk to each other. This is especially crucial for squad mode participants, where a conversation is an important factor in winning.

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