Everything We Should Know About ATM Skimming

ATM Skimming


Most individuals aim to avoid high Automated Teller Machine fees and other expensive charges. But when it comes to utilizing these cash dispensers, individuals tend to skip taking needed precautions to stay away from skimming devices. Because of this, individuals open themselves up to various financial frauds.

Here is how these scams work: Fraudulent individuals add skimmer devices in front of ATMs. These devices appear as though these skimmers are part of the regular machine, making it pretty hard for users to find out which machines are compromised.

The skimming machines save the card details of victims like personal identification numbers so that they can easily get the credit or debit card info later on. Another device used by these criminals to access important banking details is an Automated Teller Machine shimmer.

It is located inside card readers. Shimmers read banking details on the chip on the unsuspecting victim’s debit or credit cards. While skimming has long been a pretty common scam, data breaches are getting worse and worse by the minute, and the tools fraudulent people are using are getting more sophisticated as time goes by.

That is why, if an individual is wondering what they should know about skimming, as well as what steps they should  take to steer away having their sensitive banking details compromised by scammers and hackers, continue reading this article.

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Skimming devices are pretty common

Credit and debit card skimmers are usually associated with these devices. Still, people can find these dispensers attached to any devices on which people insert their debit or credit cards. According to cyber security experts, gas stations, banks, restaurants, and other businesses that provide public-facing systems where customers can insert their cards to pay for products or services are especially at risk.

If for no apparent reason other than the significant advancements in 3-dimensional printing, fraudulent people can cheaply and easily create skimmers that sit on top of real swipers and look exactly like a legitimate skimmer. This makes it very hard for users to tell at first glance if the convenience store payment device, gas pumps, or ATMs are secured properly or not. To make matters worse, some of these devices can send stolen banking details to scammers, so their info can become compromised if individuals find skimmers.

How to avoid skimming devices and Automated Teller Machine scams

While skimmers are hard to spot, shimmers are impossible to detect. But there are some techniques people can use to prevent leaving themselves vulnerable to scammers looking to steal their banking details and access their funds. Here is how people can defend themselves from becoming victims of these scams

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Wiggle card readers before using

It sounds pretty silly, but as most skimmers are made to fit over existing slots for credit cards, wiggling the plastic or pulling it a little bit can reveal that there’s something attached to the actual device underneath. Legit card processing machines should not have any give, so they should not budge, break, or bend when individuals test them.

Carefully check card dealers

If people are paying attention to matching cash dispensers or gas pumps, they may be able to find out if there is something fishy. Look for some differences in the device’s color, size, amounts of wear and tear on the touchpad, and other small differences that can help reveal that skimmers have been maliciously placed on top of real devices.

Another scam to look out for is fake Automated Teller Machines that can record the user’s personal details like credit card numbers and identification numbers but will not dispense money. These are usually used or stolen machines that scammers get their hands on. The more people familiarize themselves with the appearance of legitimate money dispensers, the less likely they are to be fooled. Do you want a legit contact for ATM deals that are fraud-free? Directly call ATM manufacturers.

Ask the bank or store owners to inspect their card readers

If people have some suspicion that something is wrong, they can bring it up to the bank or merchant. They are concerned when it comes to protecting their client’s personal info and money and should always be more than willing to check their devices more thoroughly. These skimmers can give businesses bad reputations if clients are concerned about their security, so they have an interest in ensuring that everything is safe and secure.

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