Experts’ Global has Developed the World’s Best GMAT Practice Test Series

Best GMAT Practice Test Series


Once you reach the mock test stage of you GMAT prep, you will need to bring everything that you have learned, up till that point, into a singular understanding of the GMAT. That is why you must absolutely make sure to consider the quality of your GMAT prep program’s test series, before taking it up. The tests need to challenge you on the level of the real GMAT and be accurate to it, in terms of structure, presentation, and content. It would also be best if they had a strong analysis system, so that you can understand the nuances of your own performance. It is also important that they be able to provide a reasonable facsimile of the real GMAT’s scoring.

Now, you might find many such options available, but the GMAT mock tests, put out by Experts’ Global are definitely the ones that are the most accurate.

Quality of Questions

Experts’ Global’s mock test questions are highly in sync with the real things, when it comes to conceptual scope, difficulty, complexity, and presentation. The testing interface is also almost exactly like the real one’s, when it comes to both its looks and functionality. There is even a timer that gives you a sense of the time pressure that you will have to consider, by turning red if you take more time to answer a question, than you will have on the real exam. Experts’ Global offers a free GMAT practice test , if you would like to judge it for yourself.

Number of Tests

Experts’ Global offers more than twice as many tests, as any other GMAT prep firm. This is because Experts’ Global takes the position that in order to develop test taking strategies, there is no substitute for giving a great number of practice tests. It is also the best way to develop the type of stamina needed for giving a highly complex, 3.5 hour long examination.

Perfectly Representative Scoring

Most GMAT practice test series only have a certain level of accuracy, in their scoring, as the GMAT’s algorithm is not public knowledge. Experts’ Global is the exception that proves the rule, however. The scoring system that Experts’ Global employs on its practice tests is almost exactly like the official GMAT algorithm, employed by GMAC. More than 500 GMAT aspirants, who have taken up Experts’ Global’s mock tests have reported that their scores on Experts’ Global’s mocks were almost exactly in line with their scores on the GMAT Prep tests, the GMAT practice tests, offered by GMAC.

Excellent Analytics

Experts’ Global’s mocks are coupled with a very thorough analysis system. It analyzes your performance, on every individual mock, to provide you with a perfect breakdown of your accuracy and speed in each section and throughout the whole test. The system also records and analyzes your performance, across your most recent mocks, so that you can get a better sense of the progress that you are making, including your persistent weaknesses.

Self-Study Resources

One of the really unique things about Experts’ Global is that they approach GMAT prep from a heavily self-study influenced angle. Every one of the several thousand practice test questions, has an explanation video. These videos are, of course, excellent for helping you understand the questions that you failed to answer but they are also excellent for improving your speed, as the explanations that they offer are exceptionally good for getting through the answers, quickly. Experts’ Global also offers a complimentary set of 10 e-books on GMAT sentence correction, that cover all of the related concepts, in an exceptionally thorough way. If you make proper use of these books, you can be guaranteed to see a fantastic improvement in your sentence correction performance.

Experts’ Global has produced what are most definitely the best GMAT practice tests. They represent the real GMAT, almost perfectly, and have both in-depth instructional material and analytics. Experts’ Global has also included a number of additional features, meant to make GMAT prep a bit more convenient, such as the “sticky notes”, small colored pop-up screens that can be used to take notes, while studying.

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