Fun Art Therapy Ideas to Improve Mental Health

Art Therapy Ideas to Improve Mental Health


As children, we have all been encouraged in school to participate in artistic pursuits and sharpen our artistic skills through projects, competitions and more. As we grow older, we shift our focus onto more serious things like science, math and more. The importance of art fades away slowly. With time, people begin to live fast-paced lives that are full of stress and anxiety. If you are in a similar headspace, art can be a great solution for you.

Art gives us the tools to shape our feelings and emotions and express them in a manner where words fail. This can lighten your mind and help you deal with harsh things in life. Art therapy has been one of the ways to help people with mental health issues express their complicated and heavy emotions in a creative way. It also helps them shape and take charge of their lives once again.

Here are some fun art therapy ideas you can use to improve your mental health and keep your mind calm and stress-free:

Art journaling: Use a journal or project paper and draw/ paint/ doodle whatever you are feeling at the moment. Use anything that comes to your mind. You can also choose to make it a scrapbook of sorts, with pictures and cut-outs from magazines along with your art. You can choose to art journal regularly to increase your creativity and calm your mind.

Finger painting:If you are unable to find brushes,pallets and other stationery online, use your hands to create art. Choose colours instinctively and create whatever comes to your mind. Using your own fingers to paint will help you relax and enjoy the little things in life. It may also make one nostalgic and relive some fond memories of childhood.

Best out of waste: This can be a solo or a group activity based on your preference; simply look around your home and your surroundings for waste items or unused items and reclaim them for your art. This will force you to look beyond your mundane vision and see things in a new light. It will boost creativity and awareness by being a refreshment for your outlook on life.

Abstract art: Use anything you like from your fingers or feet to tons of different paints to create on a whim. Using a trusted brand such as Classmate stationery products will give you a unique and exceptional experience. Try to not make any rules and stick with only one kind of medium or style, simply follow your intuition and create something that expresses your mind at that very moment.

Draw your anger out: If you’re feeling deep resentment or anger towards a situation, person or thing, you can take time to calm your mind by actually drawing out whatever comes to mind with those feelings. In this exercise try to give shape to the reason for your anger. Draw everything you can think of related to this; you will feel lighter and more relieved once you are done.

Sculpt your anger:In a similar venting exercise for anger, you can use clay or mud to sculpt or create the shape of the reason for your anger. This can help you deal with your darker emotions and provide an outlet for them.

There are hundreds of other fun and effective art therapy ideas that can improve mental health, empathy, and calmness, relieving one from stress, anger and other heavy emotions. To start art therapy on your own, you can first make sure to buy some basic supplies like paints, unruled notebooks, project paper, a pair of scissors, some paint etc. Then just choose an activity and let your instincts unleash not only your inner creativity but also your stress!

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