GESE Grade 5 ESOL Exam for citizenship in the UK

GESE Grade 5 ESOL Exam for citizenship in the UK


If you are looking for an exam that you have to clear to get UK citizenship. The GESE Grade 5 ESOL Exam is the other name for the B1 English test that is mandatory to prove your ability to listen and speak in the English language. In your application for UK citizenship you will have to attach the B1 English test results to prove your proficiency in the English language. Here are some of the information about the exam that you should know:

Booking for the exam

You can book for the exam by visiting the website of your provider and selecting the book exam option. Before you proceed to book for the exam you should read the instructions if it is provided. It is also necessary that you book for the exam well in advance as most of the providers will not allow last-minute bookings. You will be asked to answer simple questions such as your reason for attending the exam and so on. You will have to input the personal details that will be asked from you such as your ID number. You have to select the date and location you prefer for attending the exam. You should make sure you attend the exam on the date that you have selected. You can complete your booking procedure by providing the right details and paying the exam fee online which is 200.00 GBP.

Preparing for the exam

During the exam, you will be asked to describe a topic therefore it is better to prepare well in advance. You can prepare by choosing a topic and trying to speak for 10 minutes keep preparing notes and new words that you should be using. It is better to practice pronunciations well and make lesser to no grammatical mistakes. If you have good command over the language your chances of clearing the exams are higher.

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As with any other exam, you can find materials for preparation online. So make use of it and clear the exam for getting an ILR or citizenship in the British.

When will the results be announced?

The 10-minute speaking and listening test will be evaluated by the examiner based on your proficiency in the language. There is another test known as life in the UK test the scores of this test are also taken into consideration while calculating your final scores. Once your assessment is over you will get a provisional result on the same day and the certificate will be provided to you within 7 days of the declaration of the results.

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The B1 English test is the minimum requirement to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK and citizenship to provide proof for your ability to communicate in the language. The UK home office has added this to the requirement for the application of settlement or citizenship in the UK. To clear the exam you need to practice it thoroughly before you attempt the exam.

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