Guide for Purchasing Coated Steel

Purchasing Coated Steel


Color-coated steel is a specialty metal that can be used as a substitute for stainless steel in applications where corrosion resistance is more important than stainless’s ability to resist rusting.The result is a durable exterior that will not rust, chip, or flake off. Basically, color-coated steel products are especially popular with homeowners with decorative ideas like those found in stained glass windows or sculptures they want to preserve.

Here are things to take into account when purchasing coated steel.

How to ChooseCoated Steel

The mechanical properties

The mechanical properties of tata colorcoat are similar to those of the raw material. The coating thickness is an essential factor affecting physical and mechanical properties. It should be noted that the thickness of the coating on the surface must not be less than 0.4 mm. Otherwise, it will be easy for corrosion and rust to form.

The features

The tensile strength, elongation, and impact resistance can be divided into three groups according to their use: structural, general purpose, and special purpose. The common generic specifications for steel products include yield point, an area under the tensile test curve, yield stress, and yield strain.

Yield point

The yield point is used to measure the hardness of steel products at a certain temperature. The area under the tensile test curve is used to measure the hardness of steel products at different temperatures during production or after processing, such as quenching or rolling. Yield stress measures the maximum allowable stress on a specific area of steel products during production or after processing, such as quenching or rolling. Besides, the yield strain measures how much deformation occurs during production or after processing, such as quenching or rolling.

Top paint

The top paint is the most important part of the color-coated steel. Without a good primer, you will not be able to apply other paints in order to complete the job. Many types of primers are available in the market today. Some of them are oil-based, and some are water-based. The oil-based ones offer better adhesion to the surface, but they can damage the paint layer if you use too much of it. On the other hand, water-based primers offer better coverage and smoothness, but they tend to peel off after a few months. Using an appropriate primer that suits your needs and requirements is important.

Use high-quality paints

It is best to use high-quality paints when painting your house or other building because they give better coverage than lower-quality ones. In addition, you need to ensure that the color of your house matches the color of your wall so that it looks uniform and consistent throughout its entirety. If you want to maintain a clean aesthetic look for years to come, choose high-quality paints which will resist fading and cracking over time as well

Key Takeaway

Color-coated steel is a type of coating which is applied on the surface of the alloy. The color coatings are available in various colors and patterns for different applications. Color-coated steel plates have a smooth surface and no rusting, scaling, or pitting. Furthermore, color-coated steel sheets have excellent corrosion resistance and can be used in all environments, including high humidity, corrosive atmosphere, marine environment, etc.

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