Helpful Tips To Manage Your Teaching And Travelling Life In Vietnam: A Comprehensive Guide

Teaching And Travelling


Vietnam is one of those destinations, which offers a blend of modern development and rich ancient culture. It’s one of the popular destinations among the TEFL teacher community to embark on a TEFL teaching career, which gives them the opportunity to experience the serene and beautiful nature, and friendly culture which will help to enjoy working as well.

Additionally, Govt. of Vietnam also wants to improve the English proficiency rate which is falls down to 65 globally, which opens the opportunity for every TEFL teacher to teach in Vietnam.


Vietnam is a captivating country that offers a unique blend of ancient traditions and modern development. As a popular destination for teaching English as a second language (ESL), Vietnam provides an incredible opportunity for educators to immerse themselves in a rich culture while earning a living.

However, TEFL teachers who are going to start their TEFL teaching journey may find it difficult to balance their work life and travelling life. If you’re having the same dilemma then no need to worry, because, in this blog post, we will be sharing how you can change your working life and enjoy your travelling time.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Why Vietnam is A Favourite Destination Within the TEFL Community?

Below we have shared some of the reasons, why every aspiring TEFL teacher chooses Vietnam to begin their TEFL teaching journey.

Plenty of Job Opportunities

Vietnam with time has witnessed a significant boom in the economy and Govt. officials of Vietnam wanted to make further improvements in the education sector as well by investing in the education sector and wanted to improve the English proficiency rate of their citizens. This opens the door for plenty of opportunities for aspiring TEFL teachers who want to make an English teaching career in Vietnam. Whether you want to teach in language centres, public or private schools, business schools, or public institutions, Vietnam offers a diverse range of teaching opportunities for different preferences and qualifications.

Affordable Cost of Living

One of the primary attractions of Vietnam in the TEFL teaching community is the affordable cost of living in Vietnam. You can expect accommodation, food, and transportation at an affordable rate, which allows every TEFL teacher to lead a comfortable life and save money as well.

If you’re looking to save your earnings and travel, it is advisable to avoid Western neighbourhoods unless you have a budget to afford that lifestyle.

Good Salaries

If you have made your plans to teach in Vietnam as a TEFL teacher then you can be assured of one thing that you will get paid well for your teaching effort. Vietnam is one of those destinations that offers competitive salaries and at the same time affordable cost of living. This will enable every TEFL teacher to earn well and travel to their favourite places in Vietnam.

Colorful and Lively Culture

Vietnam is one of those destinations that offers a diverse, vibrant, and colorful culture for TEFL teachers to experience while building a TEFL teaching career. Vietnam offers serene countryside landscapes, culturally rich history, unique traditions, and warm and welcoming Vietnamese people, which makes the life of TEFL teachers more joyful. You can try exploring the local market, and traditional cuisines, and participating in their festival will help you to fully immersed in the Vietnam culture.

French Colonial Attraction

One of the best attractions of Vietnam is it offers past French colonial connections which you can witness in the architecture, cuisines, and cultural experiences. The remnant of French colonialism creates a unique balance of Eastern and Western culture in Vietnam which adds extra charm to the country. If you consider walking through the streets of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi then you will witness the eye-catching colonial buildings which hold the essence of the past.

Delicious Food

Vietnam offers cuisines that are known worldwide for their authenticity, freshness, and unique flavour. From its iconic “Pho” to the delectable “Banh mi” the country offers mouth-watery cuisines to every individual who’s planning to teach as a TEFL teacher. You can consider exploring street food, and local markets, and you can even learn to cook some of the traditional cuisines by your own by taking the help of the locals or with the help of the internet itself to satisfy the taste buds to enrich your cultural experiences.

Beautiful Sea-view

Vietnam is known for its beautiful scenery. Vietnam offers breathtaking beaches and coastal landscapes like the famous Ha Long Bay to the pristine beaches of Da Nang and Nha Trang which will be a treat for seaside lovers. TEFL teachers can enjoy their weekends and holidays exploring this idyllic and scintillating view and also be involved in different water sports activities.

How to Balance Work and Travel in Vietnam?

Now after we have explored reasons why every aspiring TEFL teacher prefers to start their TEFL teaching journey, it’s time to delve into knowing some of the effective tips to strike a balance between work and travel life in Vietnam.

Have a Proper Planning

If you have just started your teaching in Vietnam then we would suggest you create proper planning according to your work schedule. The schedule of every TEFL teacher can vary because if you’ve opted for teaching in public schools then you will be pretty occupied in your weekdays and if you consider teaching in language schools then you can expect to have classes on weekends and in weekdays evenings. According to your work schedule, you can plan your life to do other things than work effectively.

Proper Planning of Savings

Vietnam is one of the destinations that offer competitive salaries in the TEFL market which allows every TEFL teacher to do savings. We also suggest you avoid downtown or western neighbourhoods like Thao Dien to find apartments, instead, you can opt for living in lively surrounding districts. By doing this you can cut down unnecessary expenses which will allow to to allocate that savings funds to travel and be involved in other fun activities.

Be More Adaptable& Flexible

In Vietnam, if you’re planning to teach then you can expect schedules to change or classes get cancelled or postponed pretty often. As a TEFL teacher, you need to be more adaptable and flexible to deal with spontaneity and fluctuations in the schedules. You can express your willingness to teach in any of the days in your chosen institute and this will build a reputation for being dependable and reliable, which will ultimately enhance the chances of securing your teaching job in any institute.

Get a Two-Wheeler

One of the best ways to balance your work life and travel life is by getting a tow-wheeler or bike. It not only allows you to save more money on travel expenses but it also gives you a sense of freedom and convenience to go anywhere without waiting for any public transportation. With two-wheelers you can easily explore any place, easily navigate traffic and you can go on spontaneous weekend trips without thinking much.

However, we suggest you familiarize yourself with traffic and road rules to travel with your two-wheeler.

Opportunities of Side-Earning

As Vietnam wanted to improve its English-speaking rate it opened the gate to plenty of opportunities for TEFL teachers to have part-time jobs with their primary teaching job. You can consider taking tuition classes online to teach English to earn a side income. Before starting your side hustle, it’s suggested to observe your daily schedule and according to your convenient time, you can conduct your online tuition classes in your own free time. Earning an extra sum of money will surely boost your income and make you financially independent to explore and travel without any financial stress.

Teaching In Vietnam is a Rewarding Experience

Vietnam is one of the popular destinations among TEFL communities because it offers not only beautiful sceneries and landscapes but competitive salaries at the same time. However, striking a balance between work life and travel life in Vietnam can be challenging for budding TEFL teachers. Moreover, those teachers who have pursued courses like Online teacher training programs in Vietnam , knows how to balance their work lives and live their life joyfully at the same time.

Furthermore, in this blog post also we have shared various helpful tips with which you can work, save, and enjoy your life successfully. So, don’t wait any longer, get TEFL certified, and pack your bags to travel. Because Vietnam awaits with open arms and a wealth of opportunities for those seeking to teach and explore.

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