Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- Embracing Safe Animal Welfare Practices For Their Chickens

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania


Farming is one of the most outstanding achievements of man that can be dated back to periods of ancient history. Gone are the days when men were merely hunter-gatherers. With their intelligence, they discovered ways to crop crops from plants and seeds to sustain themselves not only but future generations as well.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania – the advantages of sustainable farming 

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is an esteemed family-owned company specializing in quality food production that provides eggshells and other organic farm products. This credible Company is currently located in Spring Grove in the USA.

The experts on these farms are known for their dedication to protecting the environment and animal welfare. In fact, these farms have received many certifications in the field of animal welfare for the way they take care of the chickens on the farms. The farms also have another certification under the Comprehensive Animal Welfare Program, and their veterinarians are focused on the wellbeing and health of all the animals and birds that are raised on this farm.

The farms carefully hire their staff and ensure that background checks are conducted on them before they join. The farms have an employee code of conduct that forbids animal cruelty, international abuse, and neglect. In case any such incident does take place, it should be reported immediately.

Employees are trained regularly in animal welfare and sustainable farming

The company employees receive continuous training on animal care and welfare. The staff that is hired can view the UEP video on animal care, and they can repeat seeing the footage on a yearly basis. The experts at these farms state that under the animal welfare programs, there is a lot that is at stake. The culture of the Company needs to be monitored so that no incidents of cruelty take place against the chickens or the other animals that are raised on these farms. The Company, in order to protect the chickens it raises, ensures that all the national standards and the ideals that have been proposed by the UEP and HSUS are practiced.

Sustainable farming practices with the goal of catering to the future generations 

Most estimates across the globe state that by the year 2050, the population will reach a peak of about 9.6 billion. Experts state that in order to meet the needs of the growing population, food production must increase by at least 70% from where it stands today. In order to meet the needs of the ever-increasing population, organic farming should be embraced.

Specific farming methods ruin the quality of the soil as it uses chemical pesticides and fertilizers to boost food production. Though these chemicals help in increasing the production of food, they can also destroy the water systems extensively.

The experts at Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania state that sustainable farming practices differ from conventional farming and it entails nourishing the soil leading to more crop production. This gives birth to plants and food crops that are better in quality and safe for human consumption because they are entirely free from chemical pesticides.

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