How To Choose a Headset to Use With Your Phone

How To Choose a Headset to Use With Your Phone


Do you find yourself cradling your phone against your neck while you multi-task? If so, you probably have a serious neck cramp by the end of the day. You might be much more comfortable if you purchased a headset.

What Kind of Headset Do You Need? 

All headsets have a microphone that sits next to your mouth, except for some Bluetooth models that include a microphone in the ear speaker. Some headsets go over your head like a headband and have a speaker over one or both ears. If you do not want a headset that goes over your head, you can purchase one that either hangs on one ear or goes around the back of your head. Some over-the-head designs allow you to take off the “headband” part and wear the earpiece and microphone on one ear.

Wired or Bluetooth?

Headsets are designed to work with your regular desk phone, VOIP phone, smartphone or computer. A wired headset plugs into your phone or computer. These are usually more affordable than a Bluetooth headset. However, they are not a good option if you need to move away from your desk often. Bluetooth headphones allow you more freedom to move around. Their batteries often run for an extended period of time, but they will eventually need to be recharged. Smartphones are almost always Bluetooth-compatible, but some devices require a special attachment called a “dongle” to work with Bluetooth headphones.

What Else Should You Consider?

Some headsets have buttons that permit you to adjust the volume, but others will not. This would mean that you would have to use your computer or phone to turn the volume up or down.

If there is a lot of background noise in your workspace, you may need noise-canceling headphones. These are pricier than other types of headsets, but they reduce distractions and keep customers from hearing anything but your voice.

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