Improve you fleet business with 3 easy steps

Improve you fleet business with 3 easy steps 1


Businesses these days rely mostly on fleet services of their own to keep their business ahead of others. This of course brings in a lot of stress for fleet owners as they have to be on top for the where about of the vehicle and status of the same needs to be shared.

For the improvement of the fleet safety it is important to have a GPS tracker with Dash cam installed to it. This will not only improve the safety but will also ensure the timely delivery of the products to the destination.

1.      Monitor your vehicle’s performance
Sometimes we see that the delivery of the product is not done in time and instead of the vehicle we blame the driver for non-performance. But with the help of a dash cam with GPS you can see at what speed the vehicle is driven and what is the average of the vehicle is. This way you may get to know if the vehicle needs.

2.     Monitoring driver’s performance
Ensure 100% safety of your vehicle by monitoring your driver’s driving behaviour. Get alerts on your phone whenever he is driving over the speed limit, or keeping the engine idle for longer durations or turns AC on in parked mode for a long period of time. Also monitor if he is detouring from the set path without even your knowledge.

3.     Know if someone else is driving your vehicle
There are times when the driver of your vehicle gives the steering to someone else to drive your vehicle. This is when a GPS tracker with a dash cam can help you. It will let you see who is driving the vehicle and also will help you know the whereabouts of the vehicle.

If all of the above three are taken care of there is no way that you will end up losing business and there is one device that makes sure that everything good remains with your business called KENT Cam Eye.

It is a dash cam with GPS tracker that not only helps you in recording and viewing the inside and outside of the car but also helps you in tracking your vehicle. It offers real-time GPS tracking and even offers playback of the route travelled by the car on the map. The device comes with a mobile app and shares all the communication about the device on the mobile. The app is compatible with all Android and iOS phones. It also offers you Artificial Intelligence Smart Alerts such as:

  1. AC on Alert: The alert is triggered to the vehicle owner’s phone when the vehicle’s AC is switched ON, when it is in parked mode
  2. Over Speeding Alert: This alert gets generated when the driver drives at the speed which is over the set limit. This helps the owner in monitoring the undisciplined driver.
  3. Geo-Fencing Alert:A vehicle owner can create virtual boundaries on the map around the specific area and if the vehicle goes beyond the defined area an alert is send to the owner
  4. Engine Idling Alert: This alert is generated when vehicle’s engine remains idle for an unreasonable period of time. The idle time can be set by the vehicle owner and can help him in saving and maintaining the fuel consumption.

This GPS tracking device in India is priced at Rs.17, 999 and comes with 3 months free subscription and with the features that it comes with makes it worth a buy. You can call: +91 95826 12345 for a free demo or can buy the device from the company’s website or from

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