Industrial Uses of Thompson Pumps

Thompson Pump


There are many types of water pumps available in the market. If a house still relies on wells as its water source, it is very important to pay attention to the use of pumps because water is a very vital household need. Generally, water is used for various purposes, such as for consumption, oil gas and for sanitation. Water for household use is obtained directly from dug water sources (wells) or water supply. To distribute water evenly throughout all areas of the house such as water tanks, water faucets and bathrooms, sufficient pressure is needed. That’s why we use a water pump.

A pump is a device used to move a liquid (fluid) from one place to another, through a pipe (channel) by adding energy to the fluid being moved and continuously.

Thompson pumps are used in industries throughout the world for high-pressure, high-volume fluid transfer. Below are four examples of how these pumps are used to improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

1) Water Transfer for Agriculture

The first example is water transfer for irrigation purposes on farms. A farmer needs an efficient way to move large volumes of water over long distances quickly. The best option is to use a Thompson Pump. This particular pump can move up to 1,000 gallons per minute (GPM) at pressures as high as 100 PSI. It’s normal for one to move enough water with one of these pumps in 20 minutes or less, where it would take 50 three hours or more with buckets.

2) Water Transfer for Oil Rigs

Oil rigs can face similar problems with water transfer at their sites, but they often need to move brine instead of freshwater. A typical oil rig will have hundreds of tanks of this solution piled up on the drilling pad, which must be piped into trucks or tanks before one hauls it away. Expect to see many Thompson pumps moving about on an oil rig’s deck, transferring the brine from tank to tank and supplying water where it needs to go. That is ideal for a pump that was originally designed for oilfield use.

3) Chemical Transfer

Chemical transfer applications are common in industries like pharmaceuticals, food processing, mining, and coal gasification. When chemicals need to be efficiently transported, they often run through pipelines of one kind or another. The only issue is that the piping used for this will corrode faster if it’s not protected. Fortunately, you can use the Thompson pump since it has heavier-duty cast iron housing and circulation valves, making it perfect for moving corrosives like acids, caustics, and salts.

4) Oil Transfer

Industrial oil transfer applications are among the highest risks on an oil rig because any pollution can shut down drilling operations. A typical example would be transferring drill cuttings or waste produced during drilling into tanks to be hauled away later. Any oil transfer application is best for using pumps like those made by Thompson because they can transfer any oil, water-based or otherwise. And since the pump is submerged in fluid, it will protect against corrosion and clogging at all times.

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