Inugo CRM Platform Beta Testing a Payment Processing & Invoicing Solutions

Processing & Invoicing Solutions


The Inugo Customer Relationship Management platform recently announced an update for its CRM system. Their payment processing and invoicing capabilities are now integrated into one platform.

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Inugo, a simple and easy-to-use CRM powered by Digital 55, is now a fully integrated platform for customer data tracking, invoicing, and payment processing solutions.

The newly updated system will make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to track sales, make payments, and generate invoices. Businesses using the platform will be presented with a wealth of business information for analysis and decision-making. Plus, the update will provide small and medium-sized businesses with the data and sales resources used by large organizations at a favorable price.

Regardless of the business size, it is essential to have customer relationship software. In today’s modern age, CRM helps businesses build a relationship with customers and customer retention.

As Greg Whitlow, the CEO of Digital 55, said, “Customer relationship software is essential for modern sales teams. Small and medium-sized businesses need to capture their leads in a centralized hub. By combining CRM software with invoicing and payment processing tools, we can create a seamless experience sales team, internal management, and end users.”

“Data-driven sales efforts are the only way to be successful in this market, and we think our platform provides the best resources for small businesses to leverage their data,” Whitlow further shared.

Why Inugo CRM?

The pilot program of Inugo CRM powered by Digital 55 offers the CRM and the billing systems for free to the first 200 new users. This way, new users can help test the beta program.

A demo can be scheduled through Inugo’s website. While waiting for your scheduled demo, here’s a rundown of what to expect from the Inugo CRM platform.

Centralized Data

Every business should have a centralized hub for sales, marketing, communication, and other aspects of your business to simplify access to information.

The Inugo CRM is designed to help businesses minimize errors, redundancy, and foster consistency for better customer experience and business outcomes.

Lead Generation

With Inugo CRM, your organization can also focus on lead generation which is crucial for your sales team. Inugo has an email platform with an auto-response feature and deliverability reporting.

Affordable and Customizable

Building a customer base can be challenging and quite costly for startups without the right tools. Inugo CRM offers functionality for new users while allowing workflow integration for users with existing systems at an affordable cost.

The Inugo CRM platform is specifically built for small and medium-sized businesses with affordable pricing. Inugo CRM also has a dedicated support team for concerns that need an immediate response. Accounting, inventory management, and workflow modules are also available but optional.

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