James Haidak – Why Should DJs Have Patience for a Long-Term Career

James Haidak - Why Should DJs Have Patience for a Long-Term Career


Good disc jockeys build their audience and infuse life into an event with their presence of mind. One of the biggest qualities every DJ should have is patience. To offer consistent quality and enjoyment, a DJ must be patient enough to understand the audience’s vibes. He/she cannot be emotionally carried away with the crowd. Though a DJ looks like he/she is enjoying the moment, there needs to be an order of tracks to be played, blended, and mixed. The DJ has to be focused and read the audience to ensure the event or party people are dancing and moving.

James Haidak – Navigating through the boring parts of live performances

James Haidak is a well-respected producer and DJ from Koh Phangan in Thailand and Amsterdam. He is from the USA and was born in Washington, D.C. He discovered his passion for electronic music at a very young age, and so at the age of 17, he decided to pursue his love for music and embrace it as a career. To start, he purchased his Ableton music software to learn the fundamentals of track mixing, production, and sound design. Today, he is a successful DJ in his own right and known for his outstanding creativity and energy.

Remove boredom

As mentioned above, there can be moments of boredom in the crowd. The DJ quickly needs to spike up the music to get the people high on energy and on their toes. A good DJ understands the power of spontaneity. The motto is to go together with the crowd, so everyone enjoys the party and remember the day or night. Good DJs leave a lasting impression. The quality of patience is one that is not achieved overnight.

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It takes time. The key to developing tolerance is to be a keen observer, listener, and spontaneously enough to understand what the audience wants and how it feels when you are in control of the music.

Patience for your long-term career

Every experienced DJ has the same story to tell. Not every party or event will be a success. There will be some parties where you will find the audience losing interest. Some have attended parties where the audience does not even turn up as expected. This lack of poor attendance can be upsetting for some. However, good DJs should be passionate about their work. Small crowds should not deject them. The mission here should be to offer continuous delivery and be steady with your track of songs.

Wrapping things up

In the opinion of James Haidak if you are passionate about being a disc jockey from the bottom of your heart and ready to deal with some boring phases in your career during a live performance, this career is definitely for you. You should have faith in yourself and be patient when it comes to energy, performance, and infusing life into those dull moments to succeed and rise to the top of the charts.

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