James P DeVellis – Foldable Devices and Their Pros and Cons for Consumers

James P DeVellis


If you are fond of the latest technology, then you must be eagerly waiting for foldable devices to enter the local market soon. They have been in the news lately for their advantages of promising to offer consumers a larger display feature in a compact and small format. These devices are amazing for consumers who voluntarily wish to indulge in a richer experience when it comes to watching videos, playing games, and reading. The advantage of foldable devices is you are able to snap your phone open and get a bigger screen that gives you a magical user experience when it comes to entertainment.

James P DeVellis – An insight into foldable devices and their pros

James P DeVellis is a Tech enthusiast from Boston. He loves to keep track of tech news and events. He is very fond of gadgets, and despite allegations that everyone is not ready to use a foldable device, he says these devices do have a promising future. He says the famous brands Samsung and Huawei has already showcased the new range of foldable smartphones.

He says that these devices really look attractive when displayed in showrooms and shops. However, despite their advantages, he feels everyone will not be able to use them to their optimal advantage. These devices are only for a selected few who can appreciate their benefits and utilize them to the maximum extent. Samsung displayed recently at an event that with a foldable device, one can watch a video on YouTube, chat on WhatsApp, and check out flight fares on three different windows. However, when it comes to their practicality, affording these phones will not be simple for most people as they are quite expensive. Second, not everyone can keep the phone in their pockets as their design is thicker and larger if you compare them to the thin smartphone devices available in the market today.

Chances of malfunctioning as the parts of the folding device are complex

He adds that foldable devices mean the parts are moving. Unlike the present smartphones of today, they are not stationary. This means the chances of them malfunctioning is quite high. Note the more complex a device is, the more it is likely to break if the device is not taken care of properly. The high-end manufacturers might go the extra mile to make the device durable; however, the price tag will still deter people from buying the device.

James P DeVellis says that when it comes to the use of foldable devices, you first ascertain what your needs are before you decide to buy one. Let them enter the local market and check out their features and whether they will cater to your needs or not in an expected way. For instance, if you are an app or a web developer, the foldable device is the phone for you. These devices are more apt for content creators over regular consumers who need a phone for calling and messages their personal and professional circle.

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