Jim Feldkamp Uses Fine Art Nature Photography for Interior Design


There is nothing more thrilling than rearranging a few things or decorating your new home to give that renewed feel of freshness to a home you have been living in for some time. While artwork can be rather exclusive, there is something to be said for fine art nature photography to brand your home.

Whether you are going for an ordinary country coziness feel or something high class and elegant, there is a way to use nature photography as per James Feldkamp to get just what you want from each room of your home.

Play With Color

According to Jim Feldkamp, fine art nature photography that structures imagery of nature can diverge from bright spurts of color to subdued shades of grey, white, black, and brown. This gives great adaptability if you like to play with color within a room to get theatrical effects.

If you are using single or two primary colors to embellish a room, you will certainly require some sort of accent color to complete the whole picture. Fine art photography can add those sprints of accent color, or basically be used to draw out accents placed somewhere else in the room.

You can also select art photography that synchronizes perfectly with your primary colors, or select images with bright splashes of color to start a room with greyer colors. When the accurate colors are selected and placed in just the correct spot, your entire house can be set off in attractive ways.

Jim Feld kamp Incorporates Themes

It is tremendously fun to integrate themes into some rooms of the home, particularly bedrooms or playrooms for your kids. Art studios and other rooms used for hobbies and recreation and also great targets for amusing themes.

Fine art nature photography is the ideal way to pull a theme collaboratively. In reality, some prints can totally set the theme for the complete room, permitting you to play with the color patterns in the photos to attract the total room together.

Water is another theme that can be unified for a sophisticated feel. Fine art nature photography by James Feldkamp featuring rivers, oceans, or water calmly running over smooth stones or pebbles can make quite a theatrical effect with fish tanks and table top water features placed tactically in the same room.

Create a Focal Point

Choosing the correct piece of fine art nature photography and using it as a larger enclosed print can create a focal point that lures the eye of anyone entering the room. This is great if you want to bring attention to one part of the room, or if there are other areas of the room that you need to side-track attention away from.

As Jim Feldkamp says, adding fine art nature photography to your home is entertaining and can be much less expensive than trying to obtain paintings and other means of art. They can also be united with all other mediums of art to create dramatic effect, including water color prints and sculptures.

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