Joe Cianciotto Highlights the Need of Good Art Direction in Advertising

Joe Cianciotto Highlights


Advertising helps businesses to magnetize their target audience, and encourage them to purchase their product or service. The services of advertising agencies are often sought out by firms to help them to develop a good advertising campaign for their company that can both develop and sustain the image of their brand in the market. Joe Cianciotto underlines that several professionals work in a team at an advertising agency to develop an effective campaign, including copywriters, art directors, designers, production artist, creative director, and web designers. Mr. Cianciotto is a New York based advertising professional who specializes in the domain of art direction and digital strategy.

Joe Cianciotto talks about the responsibilities of art directors in the advertising field

Art directors are specialized professionals who are responsible for the visual styling of various images found in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, and even television productions. Joe Cianciotto mentions that these professionals usually create the overall design of an advertising project, while also assisting the graphic designers to develop the needed layouts and artwork. Mr. Cianciotto currently works as an executive creative director and content architect, and has been associated with many advertising agencies in New York over the last decade. He had obtained his degree in Visual Communications from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University and is quite skilled in the sphere of art direction.

Joe Cianciotto mentions that art directors are often required to monitor and oversee the work of various designers working at an advertising agency, while providing them with the inputs and guidance that can help them to improve their project.  They usually determine the overall tone and style to be maintained for each advertising campaign, and subsequently articulate their vision to the discerning designers. These designers ultimately develop graphics, illustrations, and even charts and graphs, based on the vision of the art directors.  Some of major responsibilities of art directors working in the field of advertising include:

  • Determining the ideal way to visually represent a certain concept or idea
  • Selecting the theme of the art, photographs and other design elements to be used in an advertisement
  • Developing the overall style, look and feel of an advertising campaign
  • Supervising the design staff of an advertising agency
  • Thoroughly reviewing the graphics, artwork, designs, and photographs developed by the design team of an advertising agency
  • Communicating with the clients to understand the artistic style and approach desired by them
  • Coordinating activities with various other departments of an advertising agency
  • Presenting designs to the clients for approval

The art directors working in an advertising agency strive to make sure that the brand image and core message of their clients are efficiently conveyed to the targeted consumers. These professionals are responsible for the entire visual aspect of any advertising campaign. Joe Cianciotto marks that art directors are typically intuitive, articulate, sensitive and creative individuals who have the capacity to develop designs for distinguished types of advertising campaigns. In his experience as an Executive Creative Director, Mr. Cianciotto has worked with several renowned New York based art directors and hence is quite well-versed with their responsibilities.

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