Learning the Different Services Provided by the Dawood Foundation

Learning the Different Services Provided by the Dawood Foundation


Various funds are offered for the disaster relief and education initiatives by dawood foundation. This is provided by bashir dawood along with the company of his wife. It is the foundation of dawood which offers shelter, funds, and food supplies whenever floods or earthquakes occur in the premises of Pakistan nation. They also provided prominent home appliance organization along with the educational services all over this country.

What are the best things provided by the dawood foundation?

The foundation of dawood provides the administrations like disaster relief such as relief from earthquakes and floods that happened in Pakistan nation. It later became the best individual’s fundraiser to offer relief during these conditions. It turned into the greatest fundraiser for the individuals during the disaster crisis. Most of the volunteers helped the people of Pakistan with the help of this foundation during floods and earthquakes. They tried to offer facilities, food, and shelter to the individuals who are in need. They also strived their best to offer solidarity and compassion to the people.

A home appliance organization started by this foundation to provide the services to customers living in Pakistan. This company turned into company that is prominent world-wide. It later sold to the company in turkey. The post-sale administrations are also offered to the customers within in their budget that is affordable to them. This company got extended in the karachi city. It also launched a branch in the place of Hyderabad and became seventh famous local brand. As it provides the services and there are many more branches spreading around the world. It is the company of home appliances who’s main is to offer great items with advancing and reliable innovation. There actual objective is to promote the organization values for every company level. The dawood founder is the individual who is active in offering teamwork, transparency, and business culture.

A school of business was started by this foundation to offer amazing quality of education to the children and youngsters. This school later turned into Lahore university of management sciences. They also provided funds on the name Dawood’s father. This is the school which is built to educate the students on real world data, practical knowledge, and modern ways of education. This foundation also offers great activities and challenges far more than the approach of traditional education. This school of business is collaborated with other foreign country educational institutions. Most of the events and programs are provided to access different courses like bachelor degrees, weekend MBA for full time, and PhD courses etc.

Thus, these are the services which are offered to the individuals living in the Pakistan nation by the foundation of dawood.

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