List of Disease that Get the Coverage Under Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance Plans


The various health insurance companies provide a wide range of health insurance plans to meet the medical needs of people of all ages. The health plans offer coverage for medical expenses such as hospitalization, ICU facilities, ambulance services, surgery, maternity, procedures, and day-care.

The health insurance plans offer cashless hospitalization facilities across the country with connective hospitals. Also, the insurance companies offer customized health plans to give coverage for diseases such as dengue, Covid-19, critical diseases, malaria, etc.

The Listed Disease that Get the Coverage Under Health Insurance Plans

Here we present the list in front of you, so you also know which diseases are getting coverage under the health insurance plan or not. The following points must be considered for you if you also want to apply for the health insurance plan.

Critical Illness:

Critical illness refers to a life-threatening disease that occurs due to hereditary or genetic reasons. The treatment of this disease goes on for a long time that requires therapies and surgeries, but the treatment for this disease is expensive. So, these expenses are easily covered by health insurance policies.

Covid-19 or Omicron:

It is a highly infectious or viral disease that leads the health complications among people. The treatment cost for such viral infections is heavy high. So, there is the role played by the health insurance plan that pays for such treatment expenses without disturbing your savings.

Food Poisoning:

It is a food-borne disease caused to the person when they eat contaminated food. The treatment costs for this disease are high, but not a matter to worry about if you have a medical insurance policy.


It is a viral disease that is spread via mosquito bites. Health insurance plans only handle the treatment of this disease. No need to pay the treatment cost from your pocket.,

Heart Ailments:

Heart ailments are cardiovascular diseases that occur when your heart is not properly functioning. But you do not worry about the treatment cost for this disease if you already have a suitable insurance policy with you.

Zika Virus: 

It is a life-threatening disease that falls under the viral disease, and it is rapidly spread among people via mosquito bites. It is expensive to give treatment to patients against the Zika virus. So, in that case, the health insurance companies provide coverage for this disease so the patient does not face financial problems in the future.


With all the factors of the article, it is concluded that it is essential to buy a health insurance plan to treat the above disease timely without affecting your savings. Therefore, if you plan to buy a health insurance policy, check the disease you want to get coverage for under this policy before buying it.

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