Matt Davies Harmony Communities Clarifies Details Surrounding Keeping Your Pet Properly Groomed

Matt Davies Harmony Communities


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, a new haircut may be just about looking good for you. However, for your pet, grooming is vital for their happiness and health. While taking your pet to a professional groomer every month may not be feasible, you can do it yourself at home.

Let’s check out how you can keep your pet groomed properly.

The Details

  1. Brush your pet – Regular brushing your pet’s fur will help to keep the fur in great condition. Brushing removes dirt, prevents tangling and matting, spreads the natural oils secreted by the body, and keeps your pet’s skin clean. Without regular brushing, your pet dog or cat would spend a lot more time rubbing their irritated skin.

If matted hair progresses due to a lack of brushing, it can infect other wounds and even restrict blood circulation in some parts of the skin. Brushing is also an opportunity for you to hunt for ticks, fleas, and other parasites under the fur of your dog.

  1. Trim their nails – You’ll know when your pet’s nails need trimming since they would start making a tapping noise while walking on the floor. If you’re new to this, make sure to get a tutorial from your pet for trimming the nails. Get a scissor or guillotine-type nail clipper and wrap your feisty dog or cat in a towel.

Next, hold their paw firmly and cut the tip of their nail from top to bottom at an angle. Make sure to stop before you hit the quick, the part where the blood supply runs into the nail. If you accidentally trim the quick, dip the bleeding nail into an antiseptic powder and allow it to clot.

  1. Bathe your pet – Bath time is very different across breeds and species, and you need to consult your vet about the frequency. Some dogs need to be bathed once every 3 months while others who go outside a lot may need a bath every few weeks. Fill up the bathtub with lukewarm water and wet your pet with a hose. Don’t spray water into the nose or eyes of your pet. Now gently massage the pet-specific shampoo and rinse and repeat.

If your pet has long hair, it may require a pet conditioner after the shampoo. Turn off the water after the shampoo and conditioner are completely rinsed. Next, squeeze out excess water from your pet’s coat and follow it up by patting down the fur with a large towel. At this stage, you may be tempted to rub the towel in circular motions on the coat. However, that will lead to knots if your pet has long and curly hair.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to keep your pet well-groomed. Grooming your pets regularly keeps ticks and fleas away, helps to maintain the shine of your pet’s coat, and keeps them healthy. You can also get them professionally groomed once every few months.

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