Moss is the Perfect Staple To Plant For Swamp and Mosquito Control In Wet Areas

Swamp and Mosquito Control


Let’s start with something important and new for you and yes, informative too! Did you know there are more than 300 species of mosses and some of them are easy mosses to grow? One of the most common amongst them is the peat moss that is called sphagnum moss and bog moss too. There are a lot of homeowners who add several comforting things to their homes. Starting with a swimming pool, fountain, and a small pond. All of this is a part of a lot of homes these days. People love innovating and bringing new things to their place. But recently it has been seen that mosquito breeding has become a critical issue. Every summer, a lot of people fall prey to mosquito attacks. Even after so many repeated attempts of eradicating this problem, the government has still not been able to fix it. There have been so many attempts to reduce this problem but none have been as successful to date.

Therefore, if you are also suffering from the same problem we would like to tell you that simply putting the moss plant in your pond is going to be a great way to stop it. Don’t trust us? Check the research papers of multiple scientists and scholars. This is a proven fact that the moss plant is a perfect staple for swamps and wet areas around your house. Even if there is a small puddle you can put this plant and you will never have the same problem again.

1. It helps in covering the surface of the waterbody

Whatever kind of waterbody is around your house be it a hole, puddle, pond, lake, or anything else; moss helps to cover the corner surface of the water. Mosquitoes find wet areas to breed and drainage systems are their breeding grounds. But when you put some moss on the water surface, it covers the surface and stops them from breeding. This is one of the reasons how moss helps in mosquito control.

2. It reduces organic debris

You must be well aware of the fact that larvae of mosquitoes have the tendency to stay afloat due to their extra lightweight. But what do they want more? Vegetation organic debris to fill their stomachs while breeding. Yes, you heard that right! And for mosquitoes, the best food supplier is the algae that grow on their own in the water bodies. These algae help the eggs to sustain and also they provide them protection. If there are algae on the surface, you can counter it with moss which is another debris but not for mosquitos. Moss takes up the oxygen from the water surface to thrive and they also do not offer any food supply.

3. Creates a shell around the

As we have already learnt that there are more than 300 types of mosses in the world, Carpet Moss is one type that we can find as a lethal way to combat this problem. This plant acts as a staple because it becomes like a shell around the mosquitos not allowing them to lay eggs or breed. This also helps them to bring a complete stop to the breeding of any type of mosquito. So, it is one way to make things better, isn’t it

4. Works as an insecticide

One of the best things about moss plants is that they work as an insecticide and help in keeping your neighborhood free from all the mosquitoes. As we have been talking about insects, if you want to get rid of other similar insects, then also moss is termed to be a very important plant. It helps in a lot of ways and not just driving away insects.


If you are facing a problem just like this one then don’t stress much because we have a solution for you. Sheet Moss is another very common and important type of moss that is available in a lot of places. This is one of those items that you can order for your pool or man-made pond. You will not have to worry about anything because it won’t spread or be problematic for you. You just need to spread this on the top layer of your pool or waterbody to get the permanent solution. You can remove and replace it on the waterbody.

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