Hot to Build a Simple Puppy Training Schedule

Puppy Training Schedule


Puppies square measure a number of my favorite beings on earth! I’ve aforementioned it before and that i can say it once more, I simply love puppies! All puppies, the tiny breeds, the massive breeds and therefore the medium sized breeds. Young puppies simply have a vest for keeps that I will appreciate!

But, puppies want a puppy coaching schedule. they have a potty coaching schedule, they have a daily coaching schedule, and a weekly and monthly basic obedience coaching schedule.

If you are doing not devote time to your young puppy, before you recognize it your pup are going to be grownup up into a poorly trained and beneath socialised adult dog. And, as a trainer, let Maine be the primary to inform you that it’s loads harder to coach associated socialize an adult dog than it’s a puppy.

Puppies square measure straightforward

Puppies square measure generally straightforward to coach and socialize as a result of they’re blank slates. that’s to not say that it’s not reaching to take time associated effort; it is! however raising a puppy teaching basic obedience and socialization in a very positive manner will usually be easier than attempting to interrupt the unhealthy habits an adult dog has developed.

Again, puppies square measuren’t straightforward within the idea of labor and time your dog’s behaviors are reaching to take work. however beginning now could be far better than beginning later.

Honestly it’s easier to require associate adult dog from a shelter and place it in a very completely new atmosphere and break unhealthy behaviors than it’s for many original dog house owners to interrupt unhealthy behaviors that they need created. that’s as a result of habits can type with each dog and owner, and if those square measure unhealthy habits, then it takes two of them to vary it! this may be troublesome for each, whereas as a dog trainer and new adoptive parent, it’s easier {for Maine|on behalf of me} to interrupt those habits as a result of several of them aren’t keen about me.

So do me, and yourself a favor and start coaching your puppy as before long as he crosses your threshold or on the manner home! begin robust and obtain excited.

This is an excellent potential relationship and bond that you just can have for over ensuing decade. And, I even have aforementioned it before, however i will be able to say it again… any quality relationship takes time and effort!

I see too several puppy house owners World Health Organization brought their puppies home, ne’er found time for them raising them or potty coaching them or coming together them World Health Organization square measure horror-struck once the puppy’s behavior grows out of management. I meet loads of overcome dog house owners and undisciplined, out of management adult dogs! If {you square measure|you’re} transportation or have brought that puppy home ensure that you just are willing to devote the time and energy it takes.

Potty coaching Schedule

First make sure to avoid corrections and intimidation! It doesn’t work. therefore don’t rub his nose in any potty coaching accident you discover.

Be sure to avoid pain, even though your puppy has associate accident or makes what sounds like a nasty call. keep in mind however long it takes to potty train a child? unhealthy habits square measure typically misconceptions on our half because the human within the equation.

I keep in mind being at work (at a clinic as a veterinary technician) with a reasonably new colleague World Health Organization had gotten a puppy many months earlier. She mentioned that the puppy and a few unhealthy habits and was having potty coaching accidents within the house.

Let Maine tell you everybody thinks they will provide pet health recommendation, potty coaching recommendation and basic obedience recommendation (just like everybody thinks they will sing).

A former colleague chimed in and told my friend to shoot the puppy with a air gun. i will be able to admit, i’m fairly quiet concerning being a dog trainer once I am at work or get into public. i believe that my work and information speaks for itself and stands alone. however I couldn’t let this explicit piece of alarming recommendation go unnoticed!

“Don’t shoot your puppy with a BB gun!” this may solely teach your puppy that you just square measure unfair, unkind, and dishonorable. she is going to merely learn to ne’er go potty before of you.” “It won’t even essentially fix your drawback.”

The unhealthy recommendation giver swore that her young pups quickly learned her coaching routine and didn’t have accidents once more. She swore with a bit work it had been full proof.

I secure her with some observance, a loose leash and a few actual work, (and a health check) she would see a distinction.

Ironically her puppy was diagnosed with a recessed female genitalia that was inflicting horrific microorganism infections in her bladder. She virtually couldn’t facilitate it. are you able to imagine however unhappy it’d are to shoot this young pup?

After some antibiotics, she learned that teaching your dog and coaching is usually higher than corrections.

Now lets bring up the way to set your puppy up and avoid unhealthy habits, so you’ll be able to have trustworthy potty trained adult dog. climb on the potty train! Potty coaching will feel discouraging however it doesn’t have to! There square measure some basics to follow once it involves your puppy’s potty coaching schedule for your new educational program.

First Thing within the Morning

He is reaching to have to be compelled to go potty very first thing within the morning. He isn’t reaching to be able to hold it long, therefore I recommend keeping him somewhere on the point of you so you’ve got fast access. i like to recommend a crate in the dark. I in person like keeping my puppy in a very crate next to my bed.

I like keeping the puppy next to my aspect of the bed so I will hear him if he becomes restless within the night and that i will get him outside before he soils his crate. I sleep fairly gently, therefore I hear once my puppies turning into restless or once he has woken and that i understand I even have restricted time to induce him outside. If he wasn’t next to my bed, i’d have a far harder time hearing him and having the ability to forestall a crate accident. And, nobody likes to scrub up a unclean crate that ends up in a unclean puppy night when night.

Crates conjointly keep puppies safe from uptake, shredding, or ingesting things that square measure dangerous and would possibly kill them. They conjointly keep your special things from being ruined or sliced.

And, if you’ve got a dog that gets born off at the groomer or the veterinary clinic; he can modify higher and panic less. Crates also are nice once you travel!

After Meals

He is reaching to have to be compelled to go outside and go potty when he fare or drinks. several puppies method their meals and their drinking fairly quickly; anyplace from in real time to up to twenty minutes when uptake and drinking. ensure {that you|that you simply|that you simply} square measure going outside with him to make sure that he’s going potty outside and not just enjoying (which several puppies prefer).

Remember however small your puppy is at this age. His bladder and his body square measure tiny. process what he takes in or filling that bladder doesn’t take long.

Every 2 Hours

Most puppies have to be compelled to go outside and pee or poop concerning each two hours. keep in mind his small bladder? he’s reaching to want the power to specific it concerning each two hours about.

The rule: the overall rule is associate hour for every month he’s recent, plus one. So, the longest you ought to leave associate eight week recent puppy (2 months) is for three hours; super.

Also watch his water intake. The a lot of water he drinks the a lot of that bladder fills and can have to be compelled to go outside.

Puppies develop schedules and it’s crucial that you just learn your puppy’s potty schedule so as to with success ride the potty train. Most puppies poop three times each day. I knew if and once my puppies didn’t poop that they’d have to be compelled to come back and wait in their crate for ten minutes about before going back outside. Otherwise I open my house up for accidents.

And, i will be able to mention once more. It doesn’t matter if it’s twenty below zero outside, 2 a.m., or descending cats and dogs… so as to achieve success and understand your puppy’s potty schedule you need to go outside with him and watch him. once you understand his schedule and what’s traditional for him, you’re setting him up for fulfillment in your home. nobody likes accidents within the house!

I don’t recommend giving him treats for going potty, I do advocate quietly laudatory them. If you reward him for going potty before of you, by giving him treats; he’s a lot of possible to come back back within the house and have accidents so as to induce his reward. He doesn’t perceive he’s obtaining rewarded for going potty OUTSIDE. therefore simply keep it to quiet praise as he goes outside.

Last Thing in the dark

I like to possess an honest play session concerning ten to twenty minutes before i would like my puppy to travel to bed. Physical activity helps to maneuver things through their system and can conjointly aid them in being tired once you square measure able to get to sleep!

Most puppies will go longer in the dark (due to the shortage of exercise and lack of access to water).

*Hint: Keep your puppy on a leash with you within the house or in a very tiny space to assist you potty train. The a lot of restricted his space, the less possible he’s to possess associate accident. And, if he’s with you, you’ll notice if he gets restless or tries to steal away to a different space. Your Puppy’s Daily Schedule

Almost everything in life goes higher once it’s on a standard schedule.

Do your best to rouse within the morning at a similar time every day. this may facilitate your puppy to adjust to your specific schedule. Likewise do your best to travel to bed at concerning a similar time every night. this is often sensible for your time unit clock and rhythm and it’s best for your puppy’s success.

I would conjointly such as you to line up a basic obedience with positive reinforcement schedule for your puppy! keep in mind you’re reaching to be enjoying the sport of rewardable, clicking and treating sensible behavior.

It is crucial that you just teach your puppy concerning clicker and/or marker coaching. once he will one thing right you ought to be marking that behavior and rewardable sensible behavior. If you’re solely communication together with your dog once he will one thing wrong you’re missing ninetieth of the equation. however are you able to communicate what you wish and what you would like once you don’t have a marker or some way to effectively communicate with another species?

Trainers confused World, and people operating with massive and exotic species from round the world use clicker, whistle or marker coaching. strive victimization coercion or corrections on a chicken! but, you’ll be able to train a chicken with a well regular marker!

To find out a lot of concerning marker or clicker coaching click here.

Trust Maine you’re reaching to LOVE marker coaching once you get started! it’s the foremost fun and rewardable thanks to train you dog! Science has well-tried that it’s the most effective for learning and retention of data.

I recommend setting aside time for a minimum of five, five minute coaching sessions per day together with your new dog for your educational program.

Think about setting time aside:

First thing within the morning

During your dog’s breakfast

When you get home

During your dog’s dinner

Before bed

Or if your schedule is a lot of versatile, you’ll be able to come back up together with your own obedience coaching and positive reinforcement schedule.

Start by rewardable your puppy for showing basic behaviors like “sit”, “down”, and waiting with patience which can cause “stay”. Begin by having your puppy on leash within to manage his behaviors. this may conjointly assist you as you add distractions, like bouncing a ball or high a toy, whereas within the house.

The most necessary command you’ll be able to teach a puppy is coming back once referred to as. and therefore the nice issue concerning puppies, particularly a young pup, is that they’re like Velcro and can follow you round the house and even outside. Reward this sensible behavior; teach your puppy as he grows that you just want this behavior which this behavior is rewardable as your puppy grows associated he can continue coming back to you once he’s associate adult dog! Teaching your puppy as your puppy grows and rewardable sensible behaviors is crucial to him maintaining sensible behaviors and turning into an honest pet as an adult.

Click here to visualize however teaching your puppy or adult dog to come back, goes wrong and why numerous folks have a tangle with this straightforward command.

As a dog trainer, i like to recommend conjointly obtaining eye contact and target command or cue this may are available handy once you need him to depart distractions and target you and your coaching.

I conjointly begin leash coaching and loose leash walking whereas within the house to limit distractions before taking my puppy outside to coach. Loose leash walking is one among the foremost necessary stuff you can teach your puppy, particularly if you expect to run him on leash.

Once your puppy is doing well and being attentive to your commands and doing well with basic obedience coaching maintaining his commands and listening ninety you look after the time you’ll be able to begin to maneuver outside and add distractions. however keep in mind, counting on time and weather you’ll be able to still train inside!

*Important Note: if you’ve got had a nasty day at work, are angry, or exhausted; it’s okay to skip a session or 2 of your dog’s coaching. it’s worse to coach once you square measure in a very unhealthy mood, than it’s to skip a session! coaching ought to be fun! If you’re simply annoyed or enraged it won’t be fun, it’ll really be distasteful and confusing for your dog; simply skip it!

Your Puppy’s Weekly Schedule

Weekly you ought to set each obedience coaching goals and socialization goals for you and your new dog or puppy for your educational program.


In the starting, choose a minimum of three days per week for socialization once you will take your puppy out and safely let him meet new folks and probably safe new dogs.

Be terribly careful throughout his puppy concern stages that you just don’t overwhelm him or force him to socialize in things or with folks or different dogs that you just don’t understand or can’t management. His puppy concern stages square measure from weeks 7-9, 4-6 months, 8-9 months, 12 months, and fourteen to eighteen months. These times are often crucial to raising a social puppy and ultimately an honest dog. Take them seriously and set your puppy coaching schedule around them to be safe. it’s loads harder to do and fix a horrifyingly unhealthy expertise than it’s to avoid all of them along.

You wouldn’t expect your tiddler to induce over his fears or face his fears. Instead, we tend to work on educating our youngsters and teaching them confidence.

Use Safe folks and Safe Dogs

When I say “safe” I mean those that {you understand|you recognize} and trust and dogs that you just know and trust. throughout these concern periods, especially, isn’t the time to be trusting folks and dogs that you just don’t understand. folks do dumb things and might scare puppies or dogs while not even intending to or by unintended accident!

And, some dogs square measure simply aggressive or have short tempers. allow us to face the very fact that puppies are often irritating and lack impulse management and dog to dog social skills. Some adult dogs, simply hate puppies. however some adult dogs love young pups. therefore watch out, always! And, keep in mind to praise and reward sensible behavior whereas coming together.

As you’re putting in your puppy coaching schedule keep these items in mind once it involves puppy socialization.

Some dog trainers, dog day cares, and/or boarding facilities will assist you notice safe adult dogs that love puppies or puppies with similar play designs. Introductions square measure crucial, therefore these facilities will facilitate facilitate safe introductions and interactions.

Avoid dog parks. Dog parks merely aren’t safe places any longer to socialize. Too several dog house owners square measure preoccupied with distractions like social media and games. They take their dogs to dog parks to socialize and ne’er relive up at their dog. These periods of your time and content among dog house owners are often dangerous.

But even be careful. Not all dog day cares, dog trainers, or boarding facilities square measure created equal. i prefer being around for my puppy’s 1st few social experiences (during or not throughout their concern periods of time). on the far side that I usually advocate finding facilities that have cameras that you just will log into and watch; that manner you’ll be able to witness your pet enjoying fittingly and see however long of periods of your time the dogs square measure enjoying along. even be positive that there square measure some breaks for nap time. Dogs square measure like some humans, after they square measure over tired, they usually get cranky.

As your puppy becomes a lot of socially assured and over all social; you’ll be able to begin adding new things to your weekly schedule. I usually accustomed sit on benches at native grocery stores so my puppy would get accustomed a active atmosphere and much of noises; this fashion he may learn to a lot of simply ignore distractions throughout coaching.

Basic Obedience coaching Weekly Goals

As your young pup develops, set weekly coaching goals. His 1st week reception could merely be to show him sit or down and reward these sensible behaviors as they happen.

As he ages build your coaching goals a lot of advanced and add a lot of distractions.

Don’t move too quickly, as obedience coaching takes time, however ensure you don’t bog down in one place or aren’t advancing in your coaching goals.

Sitting reception for his dinner isn’t ok once he’s five months recent. He ought to be able to sit and listen in multiple environments.

His loose leash walking ought to conjointly recuperate and a lot of advanced with observe.

If you’re troubled, hunt for the assistance of an honest trainer or an honest educational program.

Monthly Goals

As you progress through your 1st few weeks of coaching, be ready to line monthly goals for your puppy throughout coaching.

Make sure that they’re realistic for your puppy. Again, don’t push your puppy too quick or too arduous once he’s not ready; however don’t get stale together with your coaching. There square measure sooooo several stuff you will do together with your dog: lightness, Dock Diving, Lure hunting, Barn Hunt, Obedience Competitions, Rally Obedience. The list is pretty endless and if your puppy coaching social and obedience schedule is completed correctly; the sky is that the limit for the link you’ll build together with your puppy!

Remember to still utilize his crate infrequently, even though he’s absolutely crate trained. you’ll each convey Maine later.

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