Reasons Why Your Drains are Blocked

Reasons Why Your Drains are Blocked


A blocked drain can cause major problems for a homeowner. Plumbing services can be expensive, and repairs may also be costly. New technology, like the cctv drain survey inspection Staten Island NY companies can offer, make it easier to figure out what is wrong with your system, but it doesn’t make the solutions any easier. Before the problems get too severe, here are several areas to watch for that commonly clog up the drains.

1. Hair

It isn’t usually hard to remove hair from the drain, but when it is left unresolved, the problem can be severe. You can pull small amounts of hair from the drain opening with a glove, but you can also install a hair catcher over your drain to keep strays from slipping through.

2. Plants and Dirt

Exterior drains are susceptible to clogs from natural debris like leaves, shrubs, dirt, and trees. Roots can also grow underneath a drain area or through the openings, leading to additional clog concerns. By keeping the debris out of your yard, you can help prevent clogs in these areas.

3. Grease Build-up

In the kitchen, grease and fat poured down the sink can clog the drain. As the liquid is poured down, it sticks to the inside of the pipe. Over time, the build-up gets so thick that liquids aren’t able to pass through. Collect any cooking grease or fats in a jar until it solidifies and disposes of it into a bag that gets thrown into the trash.

4. Heavy Rains and Storms

During heavy rains, many drains experience a flood of water that the system wasn’t designed to handle. When there is an overflow of downpipes or gutters, it may mean that there is a blockage from debris that needs to be cleaned. An overflowing culvert may have the same issue if heavy winds have piled up garbage or debris in front of the drain opening.

Keeping your drains free from obstruction can help you avoid costly plumbing repairs and water problems.

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