Reasons you need Skylight Blinds

Reasons you need Skylight Blinds


One of the best solutions to allow natural lighting into a room is to use skylights such as the ones offered by Velux. These skylights are easily in Melbourne. But what happens when you want to control the natural sunlight that comes into your home? Skylight blinds are the ideal solution for this issue. Manual as well as motorised skylights are easily available in the market these days. However, just like any other addition to your home, skylights and blinds need proper and timely maintenance.

Reasons to have skylight blinds or shades:

Controls light inside the room: Installing Skylights Melbourne can help in controlling the amount of light entering a room. It can help in blocking direct sunlight and glare from entering through the skylight windows. The blinds also prevent the light inside the house from escaping during winter. Skylight blinds can even help improve the comfort of the room where it is installed.

Helps manage temperature: When sunlight enters a home, it brightens the space with light and makes the area warm and cosy. In summer when excess heat comes through the skylight, the skylight blinds can be closed. This would help block the heat and light from entering your home and will thus keep your home comfortable. By opting for blinds such as the Velux blinds, you can keep the blinds closed when the skylight window is open. This will help cool breeze to enter the house.

Easy to operate: If your home is equipped with electric blinds, operating the skylight and blinds manually shouldn’t be an issue. Motorised blinds are no longer seen as a luxury item as it has become common in most homes! It is also affordable and easy to use. Some motorised skylight blinds available these days can be controlled using the smart devices at home.

Impacts the look and feel: Skylight blinds come in a variety of choices. Therefore, homeowners can easily find a blind that suits their home. Blinds that complement the home and interior style can be easily accessed.

Prevents fading of furniture: Having a skylight shade can help in preventing fading of the furniture inside a room. If heat and sunlight falls inside the house on furniture, it would begin to fade. However, installing blinds like the ones provided by Velux can block direct sunlight and can help the furniture from fading. Therefore, the furniture can look new for a longer time.

Blocks harmful UV rays: Natural light is a necessity, whether it is a home or an office. It provides various health benefits but too much exposure to it can have adverse effects. If there are no blinds for a skylight, it may expose the home to harmful UV rays than can even lead to skin issues and infections. Most skylights can block the sun’s glare, including UV radiation.

Eco-friendly: Air conditioners emit harmful gases that may have an adverse effect on the environment. Installing blinds is a healthier and eco-friendly alternative to air conditioners.  When the skylight is kept open during evenings with the blinds raised, the home gets cool and comfortable. This reduces the usage of air conditioners and energy bills, making skylights and blinds a worthy investment!

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