Reddy Kancharla Provides a Few Valuable Tips For Construction Managers

Reddy Kancharla Provides a Few Valuable Tips For Construction Managers


Construction management is an important aspect of civil engineering, and typically is quite vital for large scale projects. While large scale projects do involve a significant amount of investment, they also face more potential risks that can cause delays. Reddy Kancharla points out that usually it is the job of the construction managers to make sure that these projects are completed within the deadline, without compromising on the standards desired by the clients. Mr. Kancharla has been involved in the domain of civil engineering for quite some time now, and hence has a good idea about the role of construction managers.

A construction manager tends to measure each design decision with utmost precision, and calculates its impact on the budget and schedule. They maintain quite a systematic approach towards decision making, to ensure proper fruition of the project. Reddy Kancharla mentions that competent construction management makes sure that a project is completed on time, within the budget, as well as is free from any financial or legal complications. Professionals involved in this filed typically use proven techniques and cutting-edge technologies to oversee the aspects of planning, design, and construction in a project. They try to optimize the best industry practices, and apply transparent project controls and reporting methods for the best results.

Reddy Kancharla has been working in the civil engineering industry for more than two decades now. His years of experience have provided him with specialized insights about the job of construction managers. On the basis of these insights, he underlines the following tips for such professionals:

  • Always plan ahead: Planning ahead must be the key motto of any construction manager. They would be required to start planning for a project way before its actual construction begins. Construction managers also would be required to constantly revise and evolve their plans till the project completion. Only proper planning would make sure that the idea and concept of the clients ultimately transform into reality.
  • Mapping the pre-construction phase: It is almost impossible to predict what might happen at a construction site. Natural calamities like thunderstorm or hailstorm may strike anytime, causing delays. To make sure that the schedule of the project does not get too delayed due to such events, it is important to properly map out the pre-construction phase and acquire a good understanding of the project site. Historical data can prove to be quite a valuable resource in such situations.
  • Communicate properly: Proper communication is needed to build relationships and get work done at any place, including construction sites. People belonging to diverse educational, cultural and economic backgrounds tend to work at a construction site, and the construction managers should be competent enough to communicate with all of them in an effective manner. Poor communication may result in mismanaged collaboration, mistakes, and disagreements.

Construction managers must be proactive amount managing the time and costs of the project, without making any compromising on the quality standards.

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